Gender and Politics in the media

Welsh assembly: Presiding officer wants more women AMs. EU referendum speech: why Angela Merkel needs David Cameron.

Welsh assembly: Presiding officer wants more women AMs BBC News The Welsh assembly’s main political parties’ leaders have been urged by Presiding Officer Rosemary Butler to ensure more women are elected. Mrs Butler, who has written to the four party leaders, says the assembly’s make-up must reflect the population …

Now David Cameron’s mum blasts him over gay marriages The Sun DAVID Cameron has come under attack from two fronts over gay marriage — his party and his MUM. Pressed on the issue by concerned pals, Mary Cameron, 78, was overheard saying: “I know, but David just won’t be told.” The remark by widowed Mrs …

‘He just won’t be told’: Even David Cameron’s mother isn’t convinced by his … Daily Mail Even David Cameron’s mother is not convinced about the merits of his gay marriage plans. Mary Cameron, 78, was asked at a lunch why her son was pressing head with the legislation which had alienated many grassroots Tories and said: ‘I know, David just …

David Cameron’s wife Samantha is the ‘driving force’ behind gay marriage Mandrake reported on Friday that David Cameron’s mother, Mary, had been asked why the Prime Minister was pressing ahead with plans to change the law in favour of same-sex marriage when it was alienating so many of the Conservative Party’s natural …

German chancellor Angela Merkel talks with British Prime Minister David Cameron, during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland Photo: AP

EU referendum speech: why Angela Merkel needs David Cameron, but not at … Listening to David Cameron’s Europe speech last week I had the sneaking suspicion that those who helped draft it might have included the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, too. After all, ideas like competitiveness, flexibility or democratic …

Angela Merkel: we will discuss David Cameron’s EU reform proposals – video The Guardian The German chancellor responds to prime minister David Cameron’s calls for radical reform of the EU and his planned referendum on UK membership. Speaking in Berlin on Wednesday, Angela Merkel says European Union member states would be prepared to talk about the UK’s wishes, but only within a framework of ‘fair compromise’.

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