Gender and Politics in the media

Mannequin election woman acquitted. Has Cameron won the battle of the sexes? Former Labour minister: Cameron has ‘woman problem’.

Why can’t David Cameron find female political journalists to question him? The Guardian (blog) Where have all the women in the lobby gone? That’s the question both former political journalist Cathy Newman and Guido Fawkes have been asking after both David Cameron and Nick Clegg failed to take a single question from a female journalist at the …

Prime Minister’s Questions: David Cameron v Ed Miliband BBC News David Cameron has defended the decision to cap benefit rises at 1% a year, calling it “fair and right”. He said the coalition was acting “in the national interest”, in a turbulent Prime Minister’s Questions session. But Labour leader Ed Miliband said the change was “hitting women three times as hard” as men and accused the government of “dividing the nation”.

FactCheck: has David Cameron won the battle of the sexes? Channel 4 News (blog) The claim “There are more women in work than at any time in our history.” – David Cameron, Prime Minister’s Questions, 9 January 2013

The background Back at the House of Commons for the first Prime Minister’s Questions of the year, Ed Miliband wasted little time taking aim at David Cameron over his record on women. The prime minister, he said, had promised to “make sexual inequality history”, yet changes to the benefits system were “hitting women three times as hard as men”. Wasn’t it another “broken promise”, Mr Miliband asked?

“There are more women in work than at any time in our history,” was Mr Cameron’s riposte.

Ruth Lea: How to attract more women’s votes? It’s the economy, stupid Conservative Home (blog) But when it comes to attracting more women’s votes (and indeed men’s) economic prosperity, the cost of living and the labour market are consistently high on the list of the electorate’s concerns. Prosaic and hackneyed though it may seem, it really is …

David Cameron has ‘woman problem’ says former Labour minister Marilyn Stowe Blog Recently introduced cuts to child benefit show that Prime Minister David Cameron has a “woman problem”, former Labour cabinet minister Dame Tessa Jowell has claimed.Speaking to the Telegraph, the former Olympics minister said the changes did not make sense and highlighted the recent announcement of a scheme which should allow working mothers to claim back £2,000 per child per year to help with the costs of childcare.

Aberdeen ‘Helena Torry’ mannequin election woman Renee Slater acquitted An Aberdeen woman charged after a mannequin was entered as a candidate in last year’s city council election has been acquitted. Renee Slater was taken to court over the name Helena Torry being put forward to stand in the May election. She was charged under the Representation of the People Act 1983 and went on trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court this week.

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