UK: Working women lose out: 2.5m squeezed out by raid on benefits, Nursing standards will improve, says Cameron


Working women lose out: 2.5m squeezed out by raid on benefits It is two and a half years since David Cameron and Nick Clegg giggled their way through a press conference in a sunny No10 Rose Garden. Now, in the bleak months of winter, they will try to repeat the same trick. Be prepared for lots of talk about how …

Women are the losers in child benefit cuts, says Labour The Guardian The intense political debate over the three-year squeeze on benefits and tax credits is set to intensify as new figures reveal that 4.6 million women who receive child tax credit directly will be affected, a number that includes 2.5 million working …

The Week That Was: Women’s Issues Huffington Post UK (blog) For the incoming Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, Friday’s news will be something of a PR win, but means that pesky matter of women wanting the same rights isn’t going away any time soon. While in the UK we raise our eyebrows at the seemingly …

Nursing standards will improve, says David Cameron The Independent David Cameron said the standard of care in the NHS would be a key priority for the Government in 2013. The moves followed criticism of nursing by Labour MP Ann Clwyd who raised the poor care of her late husband in Prime Minister’s Questions last year.

No U-turn on child benefit, David Cameron says BBC News David Cameron has said there will be no turning back on the decision to remove child benefit from better-off families. Speaking a day before the coalition publishes a review of its progress since 2010, the prime minister told the Sunday Telegraph the …

David Cameron Defends Child Benefit Cuts Sky News David Cameron has defended controversial cuts to child benefit payments that come into effect at midnight, insisting the reforms were “fundamentally fair”. The Prime Minister insisted the move – which will see families with one earner on more than £50 …

Changes to child benefit are ‘fundamentally fair’, says David Cameron Evening Standard David Cameron has defended the coalition’s controversial cuts to child benefit, insisting the reforms are “fundamentally fair”. The Prime Minister insisted the move, which will see families with one earner on more than £50,000 lose some or all of the …

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