Gender and Politics in the media

World: US GOP adds woman to chair House committee, France to enact sexual equality laws, Women’s Status in Israel, Women’s 30 Percent Role Doubted

After criticism, GOP adds woman to chair House committee (blog) After criticism, GOP adds woman to chair House committee. By NBC’s Luke Russert. After enduring negative headlines that all of the House Republican committee chairmanships will be filled by men in the next Congress, Republicans have found their woman.

Why Is GOP Leadership Still So Pale and Male? U.S. News & World Report (blog) Elections have consequences and lessons, and Republicans are saying they are learning theirs. The party must reach out to women and ethnic and racial minorities if it is to remain a viable force in American politics. So what did the House Republican …

French Minister for Women's Rights and Government spokeperson Najat Vallaud-Belkacem leaves the Elysee presidential Palace Photo: AFP
French Minister for Women’s Rights and Government spokeperson Najat Vallaud-Belkacem leaves the Elysee presidential Palace Photo: AFP

France set to enact sweeping changes to sexual equality laws The proposals will include “ABC of gender equality” lessons for children as young as six, the threat of imposing compulsory equal pay for men and women in the same jobs and tougher laws on domestic violence. France’s women’s rights minister Najat …

Former minister’s legal circus makes a sideshow of women in politics Sydney Morning Herald PARIS: Beyond the criminal allegations aimed at the former president Nicolas Sarkozy, the most explosive legal case in France at the moment involves his protegee Rachida Dati. Lawyers for the former conservative justice minister will be at the Tribunal …

Women’s 30 Percent Role Doubted Pushing for concerted efforts to increase women’s participation in governance, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has expressed doubts about the achievement of 30% women representation in the National Legislature as assurance of bringing gender equality …

Women’s group says Election 2012 is test for Ghana Vibe Ghana The Upper East Regional Inter sectoral Gender Network RESIGNET, constituting past and present Assembly Women Association, queen mothers and civil society organizations on Thursday saidElection 2012 was a crucial test for the country’s democracy…

Divided Kuwait votes as opposition boycotts Times of India Four Kuwaiti women made history in 2009 when they won seats in parliament for the first time, but no woman was elected in the February legislative polls. The electorate is to vote at around 100 polling stations in schools, with separate centres for men …

Why Women Must Be at the Heart of Phase II of the Arab Spring Huffington Post (blog) The pivotal issues in Egypt are women’s rights, the role of religion in a democracy and the expression of faith. The key questions on women’s rights are: Will marriage and inheritance be tied to Shariah law or will Islamists who want gender segregation …

Assessing Problems of Women’s Status in Israel Forward (blog) Nearly every month, it seems, there is troubling news relating to the status of women in Israel. Late last year it was women forced to sit at the back of public busses, and then Haredim attacking schoolgirls in Beit Shemesh for being insufficiently modest.

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