Gender and Politics in the media

US: The New Century of Women, Strategist on lack of women in GOP leadership

Democrats to Vote After Republicans Give Gavels Only to Men Democrats are ready to install women in some of the highest positions available to the minority party in the U.S. House.That will create a contrast with the party in power. Unless Speaker John Boehner chooses a woman to run the Ethics Committee or the panel in charge of cafeterias and parking lots, there won’t be any chairwomen in the next Congress, which begins in January. “Studies have indicated that some blocks of women voters were not with us” in the last election, said Florida Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican who was the only woman to lead a full committee in the House’s current session. “We’ve got to be more inclusive and I hope that our leadership gets that message and I think they will.”

This Goes Out to All the Ladies The American Prospect This past election, President Barack Obama made blatant appeals to female voters to great success. Fifty-five percent of women and a jaw-dropping 68 percent of single women voted for the president this round.


The New Century of Women Truthdig Then there was the piling-on and group-think about “demographics” with its corollaries “Latino vote” and “youth vote.” “Women’s vote,” I think, was already taken for granted. There are more female voters than there are male voters; women voted for …

Gays, Women, Tea Party: What Happens Now the … Now that the election is over, what should we look for in politics? Jay DeDapper says there are …

GOP risks compounding problems with female … Video on The Hill’s Karen Finney and The Guardian’s Ana Marie Cox hash …

Strategist on lack of women in GOP leadership … Video on MSNBC Political Analyst and former RNC Chair Michael Steele and …

Gay Republican women more vocal than ever … Video on The GOP has long attracted a male demographic – both gay and straight …

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