Press Release: UK Women and Politics group works to increase women academics in the media

Contact:  Dr. Elizabeth Evans


Contact:  Dr. Kristi Winters


Press Release
November 21, 2012

Women & Politics Specialist Group

Women and Politics group works to increase women academics in the media

Bristol, UK –  A group that encourages the presence and visibility of women in political science has turned its attention to increasing the number of women academics in the media. The Women and Politics Specialist Group of the Political Science Association is currently recruiting women academics to be listed in a Media Directory. Dr. Elizabeth Evans (Bristol) and Dr. Kristi Winters (GESIS) are the group co-convenors.

‘We felt disheartened when we saw the reporting on the lack of women in the media and felt this was a service we could offer. There are talented women who could contribute much more and members of the media who want to increase the number of women academics they interview.  This project aims to put the two together,’ said the project coordinator and co-convenor, Dr. Kristi Winters.

The group is recruiting through their website, and the first round of applications will end on December 15th. The Directory will be organised by subject and provide contact information for women experts in political science and government. It will be made available to newspaper, radio and television reporters and producers for radio and television shows.

The project is working with others who are trying to increase women’s representation in the media, said Women and Politics co-convenor Dr. Elizabeth Evans. ‘We are very interested in collaborating with others who have the same goal. We are in contact with other efforts to increase women’s representation in the media, such as The Women’s Room (,’ she said.

‘We have already told our members about the Directory Project, the next step will be to ask them to recommend other women in their departments or women academics they know from conferences or research projects,’ said Evans. ‘We welcome established academics, but also women PhD candidates who doing political research.’

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About psawomenpolitics

The UK Political Studies Association Women and Politics Specialist Group. Resource for researchers working on women and/or gender and for women in the PSA. The 2014 Specialist Group of the Year.
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