Gender and Politics in the media

US: Why did women do so well in 2012? Women Make History, Overruling Men at the Ballot Box

Women Make History, Overruling Men at the Ballot Box Fox News For the first time in research dating to 1952, a presidential candidate whom men chose decisively — Republican Mitt Romney — lost. More women voted for the other guy. It’s surprising it didn’t happen sooner because women have been voting in larger numbers than men for almost three decades, exit polls show. But men, who make up less than half the U.S. population, always have exercised power greater than their numbers and they aren’t about to stop now.

Oct. 19, 2012 file photo shows thee audience, who were mostly women, listen behind President Barack Obama as he speaks about the choice facing women in the election during a campaign event at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

Women were key in choosing winner of presidential election Wolbrecht of the University of Notre Dame said about why men and women vote differently. But she said plenty of research on elections going back to the 1950s indicates it’s not because of issues such as equal pay, birth control coverage in health plans …

Election 2012: Women Voters Win At Ballot Box, But Men Still Hold Key Influence Huffington Post The Reagan years were when Americans first began taking note of the “gender gap,” as women’ srights groups emphasized that female support for Reagan in 1980 was narrow while male voters overwhelmingly endorsed him. Men lean Republican but play …

Why did women do so well in 2012? Because gender bias is declining Washington Post (blog) Why did women, most of whom were Democrats, do well in 2012? Observers have offered numerous explanations, including controversial comments about rape and abortion by “self-immolating” Republican candidates, an election-year focus on women’s …

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