Gender and Politics in the media

US: Women Elected To Office In Pretty Rainbow Graph, America Is Still a Patriarchy, Tell Me a State’s Fertility Rate, I’ll Tell You How It Voted

Jindal: The Way to Win Over Women Voters is to … They still don’t get it, and based on this exchange, they never will. Louisiana Governor Bobby …

Women Elected To Office: Presented In Pretty Rainbow Graph Form The Frisky This one from Maria Popova’s blog is clever: it shows each how women have been elected to higher office in each state throughout history. U.S. Representatives, U.S. Senators and Governors are represented by a different color, which then …

Maria Popova,

Tell Me a State’s Fertility Rate, and I’ll Tell You How It Voted New York Magazine Grumbling GOP commentators and reveling feminists finally agree on something: This was the year when single ladies helped to deck the White House in blue. But another, even more powerful feminine factor was at play in this election, as it has been in …

Popular Vote 2012: Results Breakdown by Sex, Sexuality, Income and Religion Latinos Post …But Obama lost the men’s vote, receiving only 45 percent of votes cast by men, unlike in 2008, when he also carried the male vote. Romney did very well among white voters, with nearly 60 percent voting for him, but recent demographic shifts meant that …

America Is Still a Patriarchy The Atlantic Men losing out to women in national elections is an important one. Given the choice between two male-dominated parties with platforms that don’t differ fundamentally on the biggest economic issues despite wide differences in social policy, women voters …

Is Rice Cooked? No So Fast, Women in Congress Call Criticism Sexist, Racist Tadias Magazine Female House members said people who are bitter about Obama’s re-election are taking it out on the U.N. ambassador and want the men leading the charge to back off and to retract their criticisms of Susan Rice, which they said smells of sexism and racism.

Dear President Obama: Do these things for women Congratulations on your reelection. It was a hard fought campaign. Thanks to you and Gov. Mitt Romney for your gracious speeches on election night. I am part of a coalition of groups that voted for you: women, Latinos, African Americans, Asian …

Romney Obama won election by handing out … MSNBC 6 min

Sen. Boxer: Female Politicians In ‘Middle’ Of Progress KUOW NPR Barbara Boxer says we can finally stop using the term “Year of the Woman” once the Senate reaches a 50-50 split of men and women. “That’s the goal,” she says. We’re not quite there yet. But in 2013, more women will be serving in Congress than ever before.

For GOP, All-White-Male Ticket Should Be History Michronicleonline The GOP now must seize on this new change with a new attitude toward the politics of minorities and women or face gradual demise. To have the audacity to run an all white male ticket and then complain about losing to minority and women voters is lunacy.

Author says women’s rise to power in politics and business is ruining America Author Janet Wright knew that when she announced today the publication of her new, politically incorrect book, “From Boardroom to Broadroom: How Women’s Rise to Power in Business and Politics is Ruining America,” she would tick-off a lot of people; …

Meet the Young Women Who Decided the Election … 4 min MRC TV

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