Nick Clegg is not going to give working mothers a helping hand, Sketch: Maria Miller wrestles with the childcare conundrum

A tax break for married couples in next year’s Budget would help tackle child … Daily Mail At least three Cabinet ministers are backing demands for David Cameron to deliver a tax break for married couples within months. Allies of Iain Duncan Smith, Owen Paterson and Chris Grayling indicated yesterday that they want the long-promised measure – worth £150 a year – to be introduced in the Budget in spring 2013.

Sketch: Maria Miller wrestles with the childcare conundrum Maria Miller, Minister for Women, was answering a question about how to interest men in the battle for workplace equality. “I can assure you that the men I work with are very engaged in this issue,” said Mrs Miller.Probably she was thinking of men like David Cameron, who appointed as many as five women to his latest Cabinet, next to just 27 men. He’s practically Germaine Greer.

Dream on: Britain is the only major European economy without family tax breaks but the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg characterises them as a return to the 1950s Photo: Getty Images

Nick Clegg is not going to give working mothers a helping hand Nick Clegg has a vision for Britain. He wants a new and more equal society, in which women are freed from the burden of motherhood and everyone takes a share in raising children. In this ideal world, fathers will spend as much time as mothers in caring …

Sketch: Nick Clegg plays Mummies and Daddies Whatever else you think about Nick Clegg, you have to admit he means well. Of course, you may counter that a five-year-old boy feeding a box of Milk Tray to the dog “means well”, but you wouldn’t necessarily want that boy running the country.To which I in turn would counter: hey, come on, give the boy a break, he’s set out a compelling vision for the abolition of vegetables plus he can do all the times tables up to six, which would make him a real boon to the Treasury.

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