Gender and Politics in the media

World: Afghan Women Fear Rights Will Erode as US Leaves, Women Fight to Define The Arab Spring, Chinese Communist Party Female Delegates Hit Record

15 women among 387 in Kuwait election fray Officials said that 397 people, including 15 women, have signed up during the ten-day registration process to contest the December 1 elections. The Fourth Constituency tops the list with 101 candidates, followed by the Fifth Constituency with 97 hopefuls.

Afghan Women Fear Rights Will Erode as US Leaves Wall Street Journal Rokhshana, a 14-year-girl, has been behind bars here since March. She is serving a yearlong adultery sentence after what she describes as rape by her adult cousin, who remains a free man. “I love my country, but there’s no justice here,” says Rokhshana at Herat’s juvenile prison, her arms bearing the signs of beatings. Eleven years after the U.S. ousted the Taliban regime, citing its abuses against women as one of the reasons for the invasion, Afghan women—as well as girls—remain subjected to some of the world’s most draconian laws.

In this Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2012 photo, Azza el-Gharf of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party talks on her mobile phone at the party’s office in Cairo, Egypt. El-Garf, a 47-year-old mother of seven who joined the Brotherhood when she was 15, said that a woman’s role in her family need not contradict with her participation in politics, saying that she balances these two responsibilities. The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt has brought with it a new group of female politicians who say they are determined to bring more women into leadership roles _ and at the same time want to consecrate a deeply conservative Islamic vision for women in Egypt.(AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

Egypt’s Muslim Sisters rise with conservative vision Salt Lake Tribune The power of Islamists, who dominated parliament elections last winter and who seized the presidency with the election this year of the Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi, has worried secular and liberal Egyptians who fear they will restrict rights of women …

Muslim Sisterhood: Women from Egypt’s fundamentalist Brotherhood taking on … Fox News Women’s rights have sprung to the forefront of the debate in Egypt as members of an Islamist-dominated assembly wrestle over the writing of a new constitution for the country. The power of Islamists, who dominated parliament elections last winter and …

Women Fight to Define The Arab Spring New York Times The new constitutions are crucial to protecting and expanding women’s rights. Not surprisingly, there have been fierce political battles on just these issues. In Egypt, the 100-member assembly drafting a constitution is bickering over a handful of …

Has the Arab Spring been a disaster for women? Huffington Post In 2010, before the Arab Spring took hold of Tahrir Square, 12 percent of candidates returned in Egyptian elections were female. In the first post-Arab Spring elections, just 2 percent of successful candidates were women. That’s less than one-tenth of …

Chinese Communist Party Female Delegates Hit Record International Business Times The China Daily newspaper reported that female representation at the CPC National Congress has increased over the past decade. According to the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, among the 2,720 delegates attending the National …

China’s Communist Party still a boys’ club The Australian About a quarter of the delegates at the party congress under way in Beijing are women, but the meeting largely rubberstamps decisions already made behind closed doors and the higher up the echelons of real power, the more their ranks thin.

Election 2012: CPP sets out gender policy Ghana News Agency Accra, Nov. 12, GNA – The Convention Peoples Party (CPP) seeks to promote effective affirmative action programmes that would allow women to increase their representation in national decision making, as gender policy directives to woo voters …

Kenya: Young, Female and Ready to Head Some State On top of that, the Labour Party (LPK) member intends to lead her country into a bright and prosperous future. “The people in Kenya are not important in the current political culture. It is important for me to make people the centre of this country …

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