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How GOP Can Overcome Women’s Trust Issues, GOP must shed it’s grumpy-white-man image

Hey, Rush Limbaugh: ‘Starting an Abortion Industry’ Won’t Win You Female Voters Rolling Stone It’s hard to say whether it’s good or bad that the Rushes of the world are too clueless to realize that it’s their attitude, not their policies, that is screwing them most with minority voters…

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Republicans ponder painful way forward The Star-Ledger – The takeaway among party leaders was virtually unanimous: The GOP faces a years-long challenge of reaching out to Americans beyond its predominantly white, male base and updating a voter turnout machine that’s woefully out of date.

The Power of a Woman with a Meme Harvard Business Review (blog) If the Republican Party learned one thing this election cycle, it’s that women with opinions are a force to be reckoned with. But do brands understand that? Women dominate nearly every major social media network. Weekly, 67.5 million women are logged …

Here’s How The GOP Can Overcome Women’s Trust Issues With Conservatives Forbes As conservatives study the election data in order to figure out what went wrong, they need to focus on overcoming the significant trust issues that women have with the GOP. Supporters of limited government and free markets need to find new ways to …

How women ruled the 2012 election and where the GOP went wrong CNN – In many ways, the 2012 election was the year of the woman. Women — who have historically formed one of President Barack Obama’s key constituencies — once again united behind him in large numbers and helped fend off defections …

The GOP must shed it’s grumpy-white-man image The Seattle Times A coalition of aging white men is a recipe for failure in a nation that increasingly looks like a rainbow, writes Nicholas D. Kristof. America needs a plausible center-right opposition party to hold Obama’s feet to the fire, not just a collection of tea-party cranks.

The dwindling minority of white male voters Chicago Reader “Obama received the votes of barely 1 in 3 white males,” says the front page of Thursday’s Tribune. Making white males about the only significant minority that didn’t favor the incumbent. But then, significant might be overstating their importance.

Hutchison: GOP can’t ‘throw away’ women Politico “When we talk about women’s issues and the social issues, people have to stop acting like the woman is a throw-away here,” the Texas senator, who is retiring, said on CNN’s “Starting Point.” “We’ve got to talk to women about the issues they care about …

“A ‘Mad Men’ Party in a ‘Modern Family’ America”: On The Future of the … Autostraddle Since the 1960s, the Republicans have built themselves on being the party of the conservative white man. And indeed, the last time a Democrat won a majority or plurality of the white vote was in 1964, when President Lyndon Johnson won all but six …

GOP Women And Abortion Dismissal Was A ‘Strategic Error,’ Conservatives Scold Huffington Post Dismissing reproductive rights and other women’s issues as a “distraction” from the economy was a strategic mistake by Republicans that could have cost them the election, conservative pundits and women’s groups charged on Wednesday. President … (Photo: Mitt Romney holds a flyer as he speaks in Hartford, Conn., Wednesday, April 11, 2012 AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Senate races exposed extent of GOP’s women problem San Jose Mercury News In Indiana and Missouri, home to some of the more reliably conservative women voters in the country, Republicans lost their Senate battles even as many of those voters rejected President Barack Obama. In Wisconsin, the Republican candidate, a former …

Demographic Shift Will Continue To Leave Republicans On Losing Side [Analysis] … Obama secured a second term in the Oval Office, and the Republican party has found itself faced with a metastasizing existential problem — an inability to woo minority and youth voters and a refusal to acknowledge the necessity of expanding the party.

Nev. women doom Romney; GOP strategy reconsidered San Francisco Chronicle Romney lost Nevada in large part because of a double-digit gender gap that saw a majority of women voters break Democratic. Exit poll results show the president took a comfortable lead among women in Nevada, highlighting a problem that some GOP…

GOP leaders and political analysts urge introspection and outreach to women … New York Daily News The problem: by trying to appeal to a dwindling base of aging conservative whites, the party has been turning off key voting groups like African-Americans, women and especially Hispanics, some. Republicans said. “We have a period of reflection and …

Conservative thinking Republicans ponder party’s future course Boston Globe One faction sees a need for the party to adapt its policies for an electorate that includes more women and people of color. Some conservatives say a better approach is persuading people in those constituencies that the Republican Party stands for them.

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