Gender and Politics in the media

Health board blames staff shortages on ‘feminisation’, Mensch v Dorries: Neither female Tory MP is winning the fight

Stay off the sofa, Mr Cameron David Cameron’s appearance yesterday on ITV’s This Morning programme was obviously intended by Downing Street to be a soft-focus affair. For a Prime Minister anxious to reconnect with women voters (look what happened to Mitt Romney) what better way to show one’s caring side than fielding a few patsy questions while perched on a comfortable sofa? So imagine Mr Cameron’s irritation when he was confronted by the presenter, Phillip Schofield, with a list of alleged paedophiles compiled, by his own account, after a three-minute trawl on the internet. When was the Government going to do something about this, demanded his interrogator? Mr Cameron’s annoyance was palpable: had he wanted to be treated like this, he could have gone on Newsnight and faced Paxman.

The battle between Nadine Dorries, left, and Louise Mensch, is not doing any favours for female politics, writes Katy Brand

Mensch v Dorries: Neither female Tory MP is winning the fight She has been suspended by the Conservative Party, mainly because she didn’t tell them she was going – an oversight, to say the least. Nadine has attempted to justify her decision by saying that more people watch ‘I’m a Celeb’ than PMQs and so therefore …

Health board blames staff shortages on ‘feminisation’ Herald Scotland A HEALTH board has caused anger after partly blaming staff shortages on female workers who become pregnant and then choose to work only part-time. NHS Fife’s statement was branded “deeply offensive” by the Scottish Labour Party after it suggested the rise in females having children and working fewer hours was responsible for its low levels of medical staff. The board referred to the “feminisation” of the workforce and said maternity leave “added pressure” to departments such as paediatrics.

Brian Reade on Nadine Dorries in the jungle Plus, how can sitting with celebrities specially picked (and edited) to make the viewing public wish they’d never been born, ever be an advert for cutting abortion? But her flight does raise a question about why David Cameron forces power-hungry Tory …

Clegg backs affordable childcare MSN Money UK Clegg backs affordable childcare. More needs to be done to make childcare affordable to help mothers return to work, Nick Clegg has said.

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