Gender and Politics in the media

US: Women propel Obama to second term, It really has been the women’s election

It really has been the women’s election MSN News UK Todd Akin, who claimed that women’s bodies shut down during “legitimate rape” to stop them becoming pregnant, was beaten by Claire McCaskill in Missouri. His Senate race turned on his comment as McCaskill had been looking vulnerable until then.

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DECISION 2012: Women, minorities help Obama win in Wisconsin WEAU-TV 13 Fifty-seven percent of women and 94 percent of blacks supported the president, while Republican challenger Mitt Romney drew a slight majority of male voters. Obama was preferred over Romney by voters under age 40 in Wisconsin, college graduates and …

Women and the GOP Have Trust Issues National Review Online (blog) Survey research leading up to the election consistently suggested that jobs and economy — not the so-called “women’s issues” — were top of mind for female voters (just as they were for male voters). This suggests that, in spite of the Administration …

Women propel Obama to second term Philadelphia Daily News “Mitt Romney’s recent ‘binders full of women’ remark I found to be very insulting,” the Bordentown City, N.J., resident said, referring to the Republican candidate’s comments about appointing women while he served as governor of Massachusetts.

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney: Women’s Votes in 2012 Election ABC News

Why Mitt Romney Lost: Winning Over The Angry White Male Was Not Enough Atlanta Black Star But yet, despite Romney reaching desperately for the votes of white males, in the end he couldn’t even win their stronghold—the Midwestern Rust Belt. Obama beat Romney soundly in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania—together probably the last …

In Ohio, Obama cut into Romney’s advantage among white men Chicago Tribune Obama saw his support among the country’s second-largest voting group – white women are the largest – decline from 41 percent in 2008 to 36 percent in 2012.

Obama’s Support Among White Men Falls, but Not in Ohio MarketWatch The latest sign of the president’s poor standing with white men came Sunday, when a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll of likely voters showed him drawing support from only 36%. That mark was 5 percentage points lower than in the 2008 election and …

With the help of women, Obama wins a second term Reuters The Republican campaign hoped that women throughout America would follow the lead of that trio, but Obama was able to preserve his coalition of female voters en route to winning a second term on Tuesday. Obama beat Romney 55 percent to 43 points …

Why Romney lost women Washington Post (blog) The biggest reason Mitt Romney lost women, and thus the White House? All voters see trust as an important quality in a president, and that’s even more true of women voters.

Voters sharply divided along gender, race lines (blog) Although NBC News has projected that President Barack Obama will defeat former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, voters were sharply divided along lines of sex, ethnicity, age, income and religion, exit polls showed. Exit poll data showed a distinct…

Bam the ladies man New York Post A majority of women supported Obama’s re-election, more than countering Romney’s lead among men, exit polls showed yesterday. The president garnered 54 percent of the female vote compared with 44 percent for Romney. Historically, more women vote …

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