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US Election Wrap Up: The Exit Polls

President Exit Polls New York Times The Times was assisted in its polling analysis by Ana Maria Arumi of Studio Arumi, Barry M. Feinberg of BMF Research & Consulting, Geoffrey D. Feinberg of Yale University, David R. Jones of Baruch College-CUNY, Michael R. Kagay of Princeton, N.J., Jeffrey W. Ladewig of the University of Connecticut, Helmut Norpoth of SUNY-Stony Brook, Annie L. Siegel of New York and Janet L. Streicher of Citibank.

Reuters/Ipsos exit poll: Romney leads among whites, Obama among other … Reuters White male voters are choosing Romney by about a 20-point margin, while white female voters are favoring the former Massachusetts governor by more than a 10-point margin, according to the poll.

Exit Polls: Obama’s Winning Coalition ABC News But tonight those numbers were so much in his favor that they built Obama a powerful firewall against a dropoff in support from white men and independent voters. Nonwhite voters turned out to vote in higher numbers than ever.

Exit Polls: Obama Gains Among Women and Hispanics, Loses Independents ABC News Independents are siding with Mitt Romney at the polls in nearly every battleground state — like Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin — but President Obama has been able to make up for it with gains among Hispanics and women, according to exit polls …

Credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Obama), Brian Snyder (Romney)

Obama leads among minorities, younger voters NECN Exit polls also revealed that Obama had a slight edge among female voters, and Romney had a small advantage among male voters. The present was favored by more than 9 of 10 black voters and 3 of 5 Hispanic voters in Florida.

Divided America Revealed in Exit Polls of Voters Businessweek The American electorate divided like two foreign lands, split between men and women, whites and minorities, rich and poor and young and old, early exit polling in swing states showed. An emerging portrait of America’s presidential election voters …

CT exit poll: Women help Obama to CT win … persistent preference of female voters for Democratic candidates. Murphy beat McMahon among women by a healthy 3 to 2 margin. McMahon won the male vote by a smaller percentage, but it didn’t matter because women made up over half the electorate.

Romney dominates among whites in Virginia CBS News Polls have closed in the battleground state of Virginia, and the race is tight: Mitt Romney leads among men 53 percent to 45 percent in the early CBS News exit poll, while President Obama leads among women 53 percent to 46 percent. Women are 53 percent …

Exit polls: Obama edges Romney among women in Va. WSET President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney split the male vote in Virginia, but Obama narrowly won among female voters as he again carried the state that Republicans had long dominated in presidential races. Results of exit polls ..

Who is voting and why from NC exit polls Jacksonville Daily News RALEIGH — Strong support from voters who were white, male and older helped carry Republican Mitt Romney to victory over President Barack Obama in closely contested North Carolina and to elect Pat McCrory as the state’s first GOP governor in 20 years.

Ohio exit poll: More Democrats vote, but independents back Romney CBS News As expected, the presidential race is tight in Ohio, where the polls just closed: President Obama is winning women 55 percent to 44 percent in the early CBS News exit poll, while Mitt Romney is leading 52 percent to 46 percent among men. Women made up ..

Exit poll: Close race in Colorado, pot initiative up CBS News The polls have just closed in Colorado, and the CBS News exit poll shows a very close race: The two candidates are tied among women, while Mr. Obama has a one-point edge among men. The gender gap that can be seen in most of the battleground states…

Exit poll: Close race in Pennsylvania, Florida CBS News The race is tight in both states, according to the CBS News exit poll. In Florida, men favor Romney 52 percent to 46 percent, while women favor President Obama 51 percent to 48 percent. Women are 54 percent of the electorate. In Pennsylvania, men favor ..

Exit poll: Obama sweeps across Mass. demographics Scott Brown captured the male vote, but the margin was smaller and men were outnumbered in the electorate. Brown did well among the independents that are the largest voting group in Massachusetts, winning 6 out of 10.

Wisconsin exit poll: Women, minorities buoy Obama WQOW TV News 18 Obama secured the state’s 10 electoral votes thanks to strong assistance from women (57%) and blacks (94%) while losing narrowly (47% to 51%) to Republican challenger Mitt Romney among men. He also was clearly preferred over Romney by voters…

Exit polls: Baldwin wins with women, young voters WISC Madison Data compiled from exit polls suggested Democrat Tammy Baldwin’s win in the state U.S. Senate race was influenced with backing from women and young voters. Baldwin won strong support from women and younger voters in her victory over former Gov.

Minnesota exit poll: Gender gap on amendment WQOW TV News 18 Obama lost the support of male voters from his 2008 victory in the state but was backed by 60% of women, 63% of voters under age 30, a majority of those with family incomes of up to $100,000, and three-quarters of those who said that health care reform …

Kansas exit poll: Men help Romney carry Kansas NTV Romney’s victory in Kansas would have been an even bigger landslide if not for the female vote. President Barack Obama was able to somewhat offset his opponent’s staggering support among men – 69% backed Romney – by fighting the Republican to a …

President Barack Obama wins Nevada and its 6 electoral votes The Republic He also had a significant advantage among women statewide, including a 2-to-1 margin with women under age 30, according to the preliminary exit poll conducted for The Associated Press and television networks by Edison Research in a random statewide …

Exit poll: Liberals, women help Obama win Wash. TIGHT GOVERNOR RACE: Republican Rob McKenna had a slight lead among men in the razor-close governor’s race, while Democrat Jay Inslee had a slight lead among women.

Exit poll: independents, women boost Obama in NH Though Republicans had an edge in voter registration before Tuesday, slightly more voters said they think of themselves as Democrats compared to Republicans, with independents making up the largest share. Democratic President Barack Obama had a slight

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