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Live Streaming US Election Coverage and Results Outside the US: Resources from Women and Politics

Kristi here. Live outside the US but want to watch the election coverage? Below I have linked several ways to watch live coverage of the election night results. This could not possibly be an exhaustive list, so if you see one of your favorite online resources missing just leave a reply (at the bottom of this post) and I will add it and give you credit. Have also added live blogging and trending Twitter hashtags in the US. Please feel free to reblog and share this post!

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Online streaming news coverage of the US Presidential Election (note that many US sites force you to watch an video advertisement before you access the content and as a precaution make sure your ad blockers are on):

As of Nov 7

PBS Newshour No longer broadcasting political coverage (credit to hockeymanaz off of Reddit)

Fox News online No longer broadcasting political coverage (see other Fox feed below)

POLITICO POLITICO Livestream No longer broadcasting political coverage

ABC News Election 2012. ABC News Live Stream Coverage PREVIOUS LIVE COVERAGE available

CBS News  LIVE Streaming Video From CBS – No longer broadcasting political coverage

C-SPAN CSPAN Nov 6 election coverage video file

NBC News  Full Coverage of the Presidential Election No longer broadcasting political coverage


MSNBC Live Stream (All day coverage, only one pop-up)

CNN News live zahipedia

Fox News live zahipedia

Live Streaming Video: US Presidential Election 2012 Results Nov 6 election coverage video files

Politics Nov 6 election coverage video files

SBS World News Australia  Nov 6 election coverage video files

ABC News 24 (Australia) coverage will be streamed live at No longer broadcasting political coverage

Twitter hashtags – United States trending (18:43 EST)

#ElectionDay2012 Related: exit polls

#TeamObama Related: #teamromney


Live Blogs

Live blog: US election day – US Election 2012 – ABC News

Election Night: Live-Blogging the Media Coverage –

US Election 2012 Live Blog – Al Jazeera Blogs

Election Day Live Blog And Journal – Forbes

Live Blog: Election Day 2012 | PBS NewsHour

The ThinkProgress Election Day Live Blog | ThinkProgress

US Elections 2012 live | World news | The Guardian

US election 2012 – Live coverage – The Independent

Selected News Coverage Nov 6:

@jeffzeleny  How to watch the election tonight? A viewers guide for what to watch and where to watch it. @jimrutenberg and I report:

2012 Exit Polls: Why They Won’t Tell You Who Won Huffington Post WASHINGTON — If you care about politics and spend a fair amount of time online, odds are good that sometime between 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, you will encounter someone sharing leaked “exit poll” numbers that purport to tell you who will win various battleground states. It may be tempting to assume the numbers will tell you who is going to win the presidential election.They probably won’t. Hard as it may be, you should try to ignore them, at least until the polls close. And even then, take the underlying vote estimates with big grains of salt.

VIDEO: What to watch on election night – Daily Rundown, MSNBC

Five Things to Watch on Election Night WSJ (with thanks to El Horto)

Online swing state polling data:

2012 Swing States Politico Election Forecasts Battle For White House Real Clear  Politics Graphic: Latest swing-state polls and predictions on who will come out on top National Post

Online national polling data:

National Presidential Polls Politico Daily Presidential Tracking Poll Rassmussen Reports Presidential Polls 2012: Obama’s Battleground Advantage Holds Mark Blumenthal, Huffington Post U.S. Presidential Election Center Gallup


How the Electoral College works (this is a good, short video to prepare you for election night)

8 thoughts on “Live Streaming US Election Coverage and Results Outside the US: Resources from Women and Politics”

  1. Kristi, I meant to say thank you for your reply to my comment the other day; it was very helpful. I understand (and remember) some of the nuances of the election but it’s good to get reminders. Thanks, also, for those post.

      1. Oh, thank you. I will have a look and post it. I am currently torn between staying up all Tuesday night and hiding in my basement until someone comes to tell me that it’s safe to come out!

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