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UK: Cameron’s Eton clique ‘keeps women out of power’, PM ‘Eton clique’ is no-go for women

David Cameron’s ‘women’s problem’ just won’t go away The Prime Minister is having a torrid 24 hours. First came the embarrassing EU budget revolt last night. And today returns a familiar problem – his professional relationship with women. During a speech to Cambridge University, Dame Helen has let rip at Mr Cameron.Accusing him of operating an old Etonian clique that excludes women sadly sounds more familiar than it does shocking. Dame Helen, who until her retirement a few weeks ago was one of the UK’s most senior civil servants, said that Mr Cameron has a “clique, a network of friends” that he made at school and university, which form the current government.

Dame Helen Ghosh: women struggle to get into David Cameron’s old Etonian … She said: “[David Cameron’s] decision to surround himself with his old schoolmates doesn’t seem to be working out so well for him. He needs to stop telling women to ‘calm down dear’ and start listening to them instead. David Cameron’s boys-only clique …

Dame Helen Ghosh, who said: ‘It is actually quite difficult for a woman to get in as part of an Old Etonian clique.’ Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA

David Cameron’s ‘Etonian clique’ keeps out women, says former civil servant The Guardian David Cameron operates an “Old Etonian clique” that leaves little room for women, an outgoing senior Whitehall figure has claimed. Dame Helen Ghosh, the permanent secretary at the Home Office and one of a handful of women to reach the highest level in …

PM ‘Eton clique’ is no-go for women The Sun DAVID Cameron faces a new sexism row after a top official said women were being shut out of senior levels of Government — and referred to his “Old Etonian clique”. Former Home Office permanent secretary Dame Helen Ghosh said he surrounds himself …

What became of the GOD girls? Evening Standard David “calm down, dear” Cameron’s woman problem isn’t confined to the cabinet and the Commons. The civil service – once considered a paradigm of gender diversity – has been hit by an exodus of senior females this year. Speaking in Cambridge this week, Dame Helen Ghosh, one of the most important figures in Whitehall until she stepped down a few weeks ago, hit out at the Prime Minister, claiming women are being frozen out of his “Old Etonian clique”.

Dame Helen Ghosh quits as Home Office permanent secretary with a … Daily Mail An ‘Old Etonian clique’ around David Cameron has helped exclude women from top government posts, a former mandarin has claimed. Dame Helen Ghosh said Westminster politics was driven by powerful groups that women could not break into because …

Cameron freezing women out of senior roles in favour of ‘Old Etonian clique … The Independent David Cameron is freezing women out of senior positions, preferring to surround himself with an “Old Etonian clique”, the first female permanent secretary at the Home Office has claimed. Dame Helen Ghosh, who has just retired, protested at the …

Dame Helen Ghosh Clique of chums: David Cameron ‘surrounds himself with … David Cameron has been accused of running the country with an exclusive “clique” of posh chums and making it harder for women to get top jobs in government. Dame Helen Ghosh, who was in the civil service for 33 years said: “If you look at the …

Cameron’s Eton clique ‘keeps women out of power’ The Times (subscription required) David Cameron runs an “Old Etonian clique” that hampers the efforts of female MPs to penetrate the most powerful networks in politics, a senior Whitehall figure has alleged. Dame Helen Ghosh accused the Prime Minister of surrounding himself with a …

Women ‘frozen out of David Cameron’s Tory old boy clique,’ says top civil servant Evening Standard Dame Helen Ghosh said the Prime Minister surrounded himself with a male-dominated “network of friends”, including members of the notorious Bullingdon Club at Oxford University, that was “difficult” for women politicians to penetrate.

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