Gender and Politics in the media

US: Hearing from the female swing voter herself, VIDEO: Two Ohio Women, Two Views

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Women Are Only 17 Percent of Congress: Why Gender Equality Should Be Domestic Policy  PolicyMic “Gender equality” is a big deal for Mitt Romney, according to last week’s final presidential debate. Romney failed to specify what kind of legislation he would implement to address existing gender inequalities.

Likely voter polls don’t tell the whole story – Advantage Obama The Hill (blog) …Gallup’s 2012 likely voter sample also puts women at 52 percent of the total vote, but 2008 exit polls revealed that women were at a 53 percent share. If the gender gap bounces back toward double digits, that undercount could be significant. Especially since the female majority has grown over the last three presidential cycles (from 8 million to 11.9 million more women than men voting in presidential years). Gender in conjunction with a racial gap, undermines the validity of likely voter surveys, especially since the female voters undercounted, tend to be younger single women, who are more likely to vote Democratic, than married women.

Two Ohio Women, Two Views – Elections 2012 New York Times

Hearing from the female swing voter herself North Country Public Radio Both presidential candidates are placing a lot of their attention on women voters as the election draws near. Women make up more than 52 percent of the vote. And according to one Democratic pollster, blue collar women may be …

Fox News poll: Race for the White House a dead heat Fox News There’s a gender gap in vote preference, as men back Romney by 51-42 percent, while women side with Obama by 50-42 percent. The new Fox poll finds Obama under-performing compared to his 2008 exit poll numbers by 13 percentage points among …

Latest Presidential Polls 52 Percent of Women Support Obama a Key Group … PolicyMic New Jersey Governor Chris Christie summarized the thoughts of many across the nation regarding the presidential race during the terrible hurricane that claimed dozens of lives and caused billions of dollars in damages. However, after Hurricane Sandy…

Poll: Obama holds 5-point lead in Ohio TPM As in the previous poll, Obama draws an enormous advantage among women and early voters in Ohio. Women in the state prefer Obama over Romney 56 percent to 39 percent. The president’s lead among Ohio voters who have already cast a ballot is

Poll: Romney closing gap with women in Virginia and Florida Washington Post (blog) The new Quinnipiac polls out Wednesday are mostly good news for President Obama, who has maintained his lead in Ohio. But in Florida and Virginia, the polls suggest Mitt Romney has closed the gap with women voters. Both races are too close to call.

Women voters hold keys to the White House Black Hills Pioneer The Republican theory all year has been that women will vote primarily on economic considerations and that a dispiriting combination of persistent unemployment and declining family incomes would pry enough females away from the president to elect…


Politics 2012: A Landslide of Women! Huffington Post (blog) This year’s candidates might not know it, but they all owe a debt of gratitude to Jeannette Rankin, who was the first woman elected to Congress — in 1916, just two years after her home state of Montana granted women the right to vote.

What Women Really Want (and How We Can Get It) Bloomberg Some socially conservative Tea Party candidates, such as Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell, were defeated in the 2010 election. But back to women. If the Democrats really want to demean the fairer sex, at least they could do it with some flair.

Hillary women will save Obama The Hill The Hillary women! By this I mean much more than Hillary Rodham Clinton herself, who has overcome in her life the most hostile slanders and defamations from her political opponents with dignity and grace and brilliance, who came within a fraction of ..

Women, Leadership, And The Vast Presidential Gender Gap Fast Company If this trend continues all the way to Election Day, the final vote count will reflect one of the biggest gender gaps at the polls since…well, since women fought to have the power to vote.

Gender gap decides election Battle Creek Enquirer Pollsters talk about the gender gap, the gap between men and women in the candidates whom they support. It’s been growing. In this election, Romney is getting more male voters, but Obama is getting an even greater share of women voters.

Combating the Gender Bias in California Politics San Francisco Bay Times They’re not in a binder – they’re on the ballot. This fall, 28 graduates of Emerge California, the premier campaign training program for Democratic women, are running for office to change the balance of power in government.

Sean Duffy Encourages Women To Vote for Him Because He’s Hot Slate Magazine (blog) In recent weeks, a narrative has formed on the right aimed at dismissing concerns about the war on women: Claiming that anyone who strongly considers reproductive rights when choosing to vote is a vagina-obsessed slattern whose nymphomania …

Expat dispatches: ‘Women’s issues’ are sadly missing from the US election Globe and Mail The campaign has brought to the fore a host of problems often referred to as “women’s issues” but that are more accurately characterized as human rights and justice issues. Respect for fundamental rights and freedoms, economic justice and substantive…

How will single women vote in the presidential … Jesse Watters chats with single ladies about the election.

Mitt Romney, President Obama Fight for Women’s …

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