Gender and Politics in the media

Poll: Australians split over PM’s sexism judgment, Merit, not gender, key to promotion: Libs

Poll: Australians split over PM’s sexism judgment Another 16 percent accused her of overreacting (22 percent of men and 12 percent of women), while 5 percent said she had underreacted (5 percent of men and 4 percent of women). The poll was based on a random telephone survey of 1,218 voters …

Abbott Unloved Runs Ahead of Gillard’s Party in Australia Polls Bloomberg Abbott’s Liberal-National coalition has led in almost every opinion poll for more than 18 months even though his personal popularity trails that of Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Women are deserting the Abbott they know The Daily Telegraph Nationally, Labor has elected women in 37.9 per cent of seats; meanwhile the Liberals manage only 21.8 per cent of seats and the Nationals; a paltry 15.6 per cent. While the ALP has a long way to go before it reaches 50-50 representation, it now has a …

Gender wars give Tony Abbott poll comfort The Australian (Login required) THE opening salvo of Julia Gillard’s gender war has delivered a back-handed vindication for Tony Abbott and entrenched divisions between male and female, and Labor and Coalition voters. The Prime Minister’s attack on the Opposition Leader over claims …

Women in the bear pit: state-by-state analysis of female MPs Crikey A state-by-state analysis for Crikey has found that Victoria and the Northern Territory also rank relatively highly for female representation in their lower houses, while Western Australia (where just 7% of lower house Coalition MPs are women) comes in …

Julia Gillard shows her mettle after the leadership spill is announced in February. Picture: AFP Source: AFP

Is this the turning point? The Australian …But turf wars matter in political campaigning, and Gillard successfully has moved the political focus recently on to the sexism debate and now education. One involves a hard-edged negative campaign designed to paint Abbott as unelectable. The other gives the government policy ballast in an area of traditional strength for the Labor Party, not to mention comfortable terrain for Gillard.

Merit, not gender, key to promotion: Libs The Australian LIBERAL MPs have dismissed outspoken backbencher Alby Schultz’s call for more women to be promoted within the coalition’s ranks to help counter federal Labor attacks that Tony Abbott is a misogynist

Quarter of Australian women say they have been sexually harassed at work The Guardian The report by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) comes as an opinion poll showed Australians were split on whether Tony Abbott, the opposition leader, had behaved in a sexist way towards Gillard.

Defending women in politics Jakarta Post Does defending women in politics gain more votes? Yes, most of the time. A survey conducted by the Sydney Morning Herald after Julia Gillard’s speech saw Abbott looking worse than Gillard. A similar result was delivered by The Washington Post at end of …

New mothers need support to return to work earlier The Australian Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are being confronted by the increasingly loud demands of a frustrated female workforce that needs care for babies and toddlers and wants it done affordably and flexibly.

Women dominate rural council elections Weekly Times Now ALMOST half of bush councillors have been replaced as rural Victoria elected a record number of female representatives. More than 30 per cent of rural Victorian councillors voted in at the weekend are female – up on the 24 per cent elected in 2008 …

More women elected to councils ABC Local The Victorian Local Governance Association says the gender balance at several councils in the Wimmera-Mallee has improved after the recent council elections. The organisation says the number of women elected to council this year has increased, with 34 …

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