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The coveted female voter, Are Undecided Women Voters Living Up To Age-Old Stereotypes?


Conservative Group Paying Women in “Red High Heels” to Phone Bank/Canvas Plunderbund It’s been a tough year for Republicans trying to woo women voters. Romney is down nearly 20 points with women in the latest Time poll of Ohio.

The Undecided Voter: Just Like The Unicorn? : NPR (With thanks to Christopher Carman for the tip)

Viewpoint: Are Undecided Women Voters Living Up To Age-Old Stereotypes? TIME French women didn’t win the vote until 1945. A big part of the argument against their enfranchisement: they’d be overly influenced by the opinions of their priests. This was partly a matter of plain old French anti-clericalism.

What the Undecided Voters Are Thinking The Atlantic It’s from a volunteer who’s been canvassing for the Obama campaign in Virginia’s Prince William County, a swing county in the D.C. exurbs. The volunteer, who asked to remain anonymous, reflects on why women voters seem to be more undecided than men…

The Undecided Female Swing Voter Is Still Undecided The Atlantic Wire Just days ago, Nate Silver wrote in the New York Times that “if only women voted, President Obama would be on track for a landslide re-election, equaling or exceeding his margin of victory over Senator John McCain in 2008.”

The coveted female voter Sarasota Herald-Tribune Behold the coveted female swing voter of 2012. She has slipped a rung or two down the economic ladder from the soccer moms of the more prosperous 1990s, as indicated by her new nickname — waitress mom.

Obama hits Romney on trust, women’s issues in Florida Los Angeles Times On Thursday, he specifically extended the theme to women’s issues, hoping to capitalize on the comments from Senate candidate Richard Mourdock.

2012 campaigns target female voters in Ohio Fox News And a new systems segment god intends to happen because they’re so provocative and extreme. They’re getting attention the intentions woman vote. Conservatives have been operating with a strategy that women voters care about the same things men do

Obama’s effort to regain ground with women voters Fox News What seems to be resonating — team Romney’s claim women vote more on the economy that social issues. We have so many people that are coming up to me saying please help. Well I can tell you right now that help is on the way.

The Women’s Vote – Elections 2012 New York Times Female voters in the swing state of New Hampshire discuss what issues are foremost in their minds in the closing days of the presidential campaign.

Obama assails Romney in bid for women’s vote The Associated Press President Barack Obama, seeking to shore up support among women, intensified his pressure Thursday on Mitt Romney to break any ties with a Republican Senate candidate who said that if a woman becomes pregnant from rape it is “something God intended.” Romney ignored the emotional social issue, holding to an optimistic campaign tone as he fought for victory in crucial Ohio.

For women voters, it’s the economy this election year — along with all those … St. Louis Beacon With fewer than two weeks to go before Election Day, Ebony Williams of Bellefontaine Neighbors says she is still on the fence about her vote for president. Williams, 31, who is studying social work at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, said she ..

Obama’s Female Donors Narrow Finance Gender Gap: BGOV Barometer Businessweek Women supplied only 27 percent of total contributions to individual candidates in federal elections in 2010, according to an April study by the Center for Responsive Politics and She Should Run

Richard Mourdock’s Comment Furthers Use of … Women’s bodies are yet again at the axis of the 2012 election season. All it took was an …

US Election: Mitt Romney disavows Richard Mourdock Mitt Romney’s efforts to win over female voters faced a new setback on Wednesday after a …

Obama pressures Romney to break his Mourdock ties Romney’s campaign reached out to female voters Thursday by sending Ann Romney on daytime’s ”Rachael Ray” show, where she prepared her meatloaf cakes recipe and took cameras along on a trip to Costco to shop in bulk for family gatherings.

Obama on Mourdock and Women’s Rights New York Times (blog) “If Governor Romney becomes president, women’s health care choices will be in the hands of President Romney and a Congress full with people who have these very outdated prehistoric views on women’s issues,” he said.

Rape comments fuel fight for female voters KMBC Kansas City Rape is a crime, and politicians — especially male politicians — shouldn’t be “making decisions about women’s health care.”

Video: What women want in the 2012 election The Daily Rundown panel, which includes the Associated Press’ Liz …

Video: The Women’s Vote – Video – The New York Times Watch The Women’s Vote video online. News and opinion …

Obama’s effort to regain ground with women voters … This transcript is automatically generated. One of the president’s core support groups appears …

Mitt Romney, President Obama Fight for Women’s … David Muir reviews that demographic’s impact on key battleground states.

Hillary Clinton hurting Obama’s effort to woo women … Women voters they are the key to victory for both president Obama and …The president was …

Watch: If the election is about women, what are they gaining? The Republic It’s about Romney refusing to disavow such politicians. How ironic that as much of the world moves to repress women (a 15-year-old girl is shot in the head for advocating education for females), many in the United States want to take reproductive

2012 campaigns target female voters in Ohio 2012 campaigns target female voters in Ohio … A solid majority of that coveted undecided …

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