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Blue-collar women new ‘soccer moms’, The future of white male politics, “Black Men Vote”- The New Face of Super PACs

Ashley Delpidio, of Derry, N.H., works in customer service for a health insurance company. She supports Mitt Romney – despite his opposition to abortion rights and mixed statements on birth control. Photo: CHERYL SENTER, STR / NYTNS

White working-class men could decide Obama’s fate AFP More than 95 percent of the record African American turnout in 2008 voted for Obama. He also won the fast-growing Hispanic vote by a margin of 67-31 percent and Asian Americans by 62-35 percent. Two-thirds of those under 30 voted for Obama and …

Blue-collar women new ‘soccer moms’ Houston Chronicle “Women are the volatile vote at the end, particularly independent, non-college-educated, married women,” said Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster who has long specialized in women’s voting patterns. Pollsters have found differences among women in all …

Chris Peck: The future of white male politics Memphis Commercial Appeal If 90 percent of black males vote Obama and Romney gets 60 percent of white males vote very likely Romney wins the presidency — because there are six times more white voters than black voters in this country.

“Black Men Vote”- The New Face of Super PACs Politic365 Well, let’s fast forward to 2012 with the introduction of “Black Men Vote”, a Super PAC based out of Cleveland, Ohio. With 1.46 million Black men out of a total voting population of 10.4 million having lost their right to vote due to felony convictions …

President in Shining Armor New York Times Men are more likely to be libertarian, women are more likely to be communitarian, and this creates what Wolbrecht calls a natural “divergence in preferences for social welfare policies.” This helps explain why, among recent elections, the gender gap…

Romney tied with Obama in Ohio poll Toledo Blade Boosted by a surge among male voters who think he’s the best candidate to fix the economy, Republican Mitt Romney has come back to tie President Obama in battleground Ohio. They are deadlocked at 49 percent in a new Blade/Ohio News Organization ..

Ten factors that could determine presidential race Minneapolis Star Tribune 3 Women: Four years ago, Obama led Republican John McCain by 13 percentage points among women and 1 point among men. The latest tracking poll showed Obama ahead of Romney by an identical 13 points among women, but the challenger led by a …

2012 campaigns target female voters in Ohio Watch the video 2012 campaigns target female voters in Ohio on Yahoo! News . Evaluating the …

Women and the 2012 Election – C-SPAN Video Library 50 min Marcia Greenberger, founder and co-president of the National Women’s Law Center discusses …

Decision 2012 _ Mobilizing Women Key to Virginia 4 min Decision 2012 series page at Melissa Harris-Perry talks with Rachel Maddow about …

2 thoughts on “Blue-collar women new ‘soccer moms’, The future of white male politics, “Black Men Vote”- The New Face of Super PACs”

    1. Hello, Kristi here. Thanks for the question.

      As a political scientist I think one of the best people out there is Nate Silver and his blog

      As you know, this is a game of territory, not total votes and Obama currently is polling ahead of Romney in enough states to win the election. It is confusing that Romney is ahead in the national polls, but behind in key swing state polls, but given the Electoral College those swing state polls are the ones to watch.

      Will the swing state polls change as voters start to decide? Possibly. However most polls show Obama with a stubborn lead in Ohio and Wisconsin – two Midwest states that would put him over the top. It is very possible that those people who are still undecided may not vote, and if they do they are unlikely to break 100% for Romney.

      If I were a betting woman, today I’d put my money on Romney winning the popular vote by a slim margin but Obama winning the Electoral College majority by a slim margin. Of course, a lot can happen in a week.

      And thanks for your really interesting blog!

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