Gender and Politics in the media

Why French women have so little equality, a story in charts, Gillard and the fear of the childless woman

Women In Algeria: Progress And Paradox International Business Times The fact that women represent nearly one-third of the Algerian parliament is truly impressive, given that the global average is only 20 percent. In the Arab world as a whole, the rate is even lower (about 14 percent)…

Julia Gillard and the fear of the childless woman The Guardian Tony Abbott, the Australian opposition leader accused of misogyny by the country’s prime minister, Julia Gillard, in a recent blistering speech that went viral online, has now accused the Australian government of being one that “lacks experience in

What the Arab Spring has done for women’s equality, in one chart Washington Post (blog) Each country is charted by a number that measures gender equality over several variables, with 0 signifying the least possible equality for women and 1.0 signifying absolute equality. I don’t say this much, but that’s a pretty boring chart.

Members of the French Green Party protest for gender equality measures. (FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images)

Why French women have so little equality, a story in charts Washington Post (blog) First, from the World Economic Forum’s new data, here is France’s overall gender equality score over time compared with those of Western Europe and the United States: (Data source: World Economic Forum).

The US is catching up to Europe on gender equality Washington Post (blog) Western European countries have long led the world on gender equality, but the latest annual Gender Gap Report, just issued by the World Economic Forum, shows that the U.S. is making significant gains in an area where it has often lagged the Western…

Place of women in EU Meanwhile, EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding has been forced to abandon plans to set a 40 per cent mandatory quota for women representation on the boards of top companies by 2020 because of opposition from some key European commissioners.

EU parliament vetoes Mersch, wants woman for ECB Reuters The European Parliament is frequently outspoken on issues of gender equality and human rights, and in this case generated a groundswell of support for its position. The vote came in a week when the European Commission put off a proposal that would have

Rabbi: Women mustn’t run for Knesset Ynetnews One of most senior Religious Zionism rabbis, Shlomo Aviner, speaks out against women’s right to vote or be elected to Israeli parliament.

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