Gender and Politics in the media

Why Family Guy’s vote counts, Will white men sink Obama? What’s the matter with (some) white men?

Women PACs See Surge In Giving Wall Street Journal The prominence of abortion and contraception as election issues this year has been an unexpected boon for pro-Democrat women’s advocacy groups, and also is helping anti-abortion organizations, though on a lesser scale.

Are Mitt Romney and the GOP waging a war on sex? Current TV (blog) “It is a war on sex, a war on sexual freedom,” Cohen said on Full Court Press. “Romney is trying to undermine the laws and conditions that allow us to go about our sex lives without thinking about the government being in our bedroom.”

Video: Mitt Romney Shows Strength With Male Voters ABC News

US Presidential election: Why Family Guy’s vote counts White, male and blue-collar, the “donut”-obsessed father of three is the kind of voterthat often swings American elections. Although he has often been taken for a Republican, in 2008 he joined millions of other working-class whites in pulling the ..

Meat Loaf endorses Mitt Romney (Credit: AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

What’s the matter with (some) white men? Salon In the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, Romney leads Obama 60 percent to 37 percent among whites. His support among white men reached its highest level of this campaign, 65–32 percent. (McCain won white men 57–41 percent.)

Will white men sink Obama? CBS News Yet all the talk about women might make it easy to forget that men are a significant chunk of the electorate as well. While women outvoted men by about 10 million votes in the 2008 presidential election, men still made up 48 percent of the electorate …

Voter ID Laws Are Actually a Sneaky Way to Silence Women of Color Jezebel The Center for American Progress released a fascinating but depressing report yesterday that found that voter ID laws screw women of color over in two ways — by making it more difficult for them to vote, their voice in the electoral process is ..

Bridging the big gender gap Marietta Times While a recent national poll shows the gender gap in the presidential election disappearing, the latest Ohio numbers indicate a strong difference between men and women’s preferences for who will be the commander-in-chief.

Women Seen As Key In NH, Both As Voters And As Candidates NPR (blog) The decisive role female voters may play in the key battleground state of New Hampshire hasn’t been lost on President Obama and his political allies. If Democrats sweep the swing state’s major races on Election Day, New Hampshire would become the first

Campaigns Find That for Many Latinas, Issues Are Personal, and Financial New York Times What this has meant for the campaigns is that quite often, conversations with Hispanic womenabout the candidates’ positions on social issues are held in volunteers’ homes, around a dinner table or at a kitchen counter as a meal cooks on the stove.

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