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US election polls roundup: Has Romney closed the gender gap? Romney gains with women, Obama gains with men

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Confusing polls: Has Mitt Romney closed the gender gap or not? Christian Science Monitor Not only are women now favoring Republican Mitt Romney, 49 percent to 45 percent, the AP-GfK poll reports, but also the men’s vote has gravitated toward President Obama, nearly eliminating Mr. Romney’s advantage there.

Romney has an uphill fight in a state that is key to victory 10 days from now. | AP Photo

Romney’s road to Ohio victory Politico Ohio officials have been sending requests to Boston for weeks to help in this regard, particularly with women, who some polls show started swinging Romney’s way after the first presidential debate.

Polls: Obama, Romney tied in Co., incumbent has narrow Nev. edge Men and women alike in Denver’s suburbs have shifted toward Romney; a month ago, Obama led by 18 points among Denver suburban women, an advantage that closed to 3 percent in the most recent poll.

Polls: Swing states deadlocked, Romney tied or ahead nationally CBS News In Colorado, both candidates garnered support from 48 percent of respondents in Marist’s poll of likely voters. The president’s lead among Colorado women has nearly evaporated, with only three points separating the two candidates among women in the …

Women, Independents Shifting Toward Romney? Fox Business Strong for Romney women will be strong for Obama the question is how big those — are. I think that AP poll was an outline — but look let’s step back from that you touched on a very important point.

Obama says he has lead, as poll shows Romney ahead and gaining among … Fox News A day after an interview aired in which President Obama declared he still has the lead, another national poll showed Mitt Romney slightly ahead while erasing Obama’s advantage among women.

Poll: Romney Closes Gender Gap Among Women National Journal Mitt Romney has closed a 16-point gender gap with President Obama among women in just one month, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll released on Thursday.

New poll: Mitt Romney gains with women, Barack Obama gains with men Christian Science Monitor Mitt Romney has closed the 16-point advantage that Barack Obama had with women, a new poll shows. Obama has narrowed the advantaged Romney had with men

Women pack a heavy voting punch in vital swing state Irish Times Most polls still show Obama out in front among women, though a new Associated Press survey indicates that Romney has now pulled even with Obama among females who are likely to vote.

Romney closes gap with female voters euronews Recent polls show the race for the US presidency is still neck and neck, but Romney has closed the gap when it comes to female voters. Romney – campaigning in Reno, Nevada – continued to push his message of being a confident

Poll: Obama’s lead with women voters shrinking … Video on Spokeswoman Jen Psaki joins The Daily Rundown to talk about the …

AP poll: Romney erases Obama advantage among … A renewed focus on social issues would be an unwelcome development for Romney…

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  1. each year i’m getting older ! For the last three elections I’ve lost income. I’m getting older, and have very stroung t dought that there will not be much change in our econemy and health care that was promised me when I was young and told backi then I would be taken care of when I was old. Now I’m old and ”Where”s my bennifits ?

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