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‘Do hormones drive women’s votes?’ story: reaction and comment

Some Context for the CNN Controversy on Women, Hormones and Voting Pacific Standard CNN, which has suffered more than its share of missteps of late, has been widely ridiculed this week for posting, and then quickly taking down, a story about some new research regarding how hormonal changes affect women’s behavior in the voting booth.

Which Is Worse: The Study About Women Voting With Their Hormones, Or … Popular Science …Such dramatic findings have raised questions about the validity of the study; some even wonder whether it should’ve been conducted at all. But perhaps the most controversial aspect are the conclusions the authors drew: “We believe that the key difference between these two groups is that the married/engaged women have more invested in their relationship, and therefore have considerably more to lose if their current relationship were endangered,” they wrote. As the lead author, Kristina Durante, was quoted as saying in the CNN article: married/ engaged women are “overcompensating” for those feelings, then going ever-more-certainly for the safe, conservative candidate that represents traditional values. In short: Not only is ovulation causing changes in voting, but it’s because of women’s husbands. Double whammy controversy.

Boyfriend President: How Both Parties Try To Woo Women By Linking Voting To Sex ThinkProgress …But Dunham’s president-boyfriend metaphor is hardly out of the ordinary; in fact, conservatives have been harping on essentially the same theme all election season, dodging direct references to sex but sexualizing the office of the presidency and a woman’s political life. Here are the top five examples:

1. “The Breakup”
Here’s one from the Republican National Committee of a woman ‘breaking up’ with a cardboard cutout of President Obama. Among her complaints are that he’s “constantly on the golf course” and even makes a reference to Obama being seen “out with Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clooney.”

2. “Boyfriend”
From women’s group Independent Women’s Voice, this ad portrays Obama as an unreliable boyfriend who makes empty promises to this young woman. “You can’t change him,” a friend advises before the woman complains, “Why do I always fall for guys like this?”


Men’s Hormones Determine Election Results Comedy Central (blog) Yesterday CNN published and quickly took down an article titled “Do Hormones Drive Women’s Votes?” From what I could discern from the reporting, women don’t even cast formal ballots anymore.

CNN’s ‘hormonal women voters’ article: 6 outraged reactions The Week Magazine On Wednesday, CNN set itself up for a steep fall when it published a story suggesting that hormonal changes influence the way women vote. The article — headlined “Do hormones drive women’s votes?”

“Are you there, Ovaries? It’s me…a confused female voter.”

Study, CNN Say Women Vote Based On Ovulation, Not Information BlissTree Remember how everything from the way you dress to the foods you eat to the men you date can all be traced back to what’s going on with your ovaries?

CNN pulls story ‘Do hormones drive women’s votes?’ story after Twitter backlash Daily Mail CNN pulls story ‘Do hormones drive women’s votes?’ story after Twitter backlash. article based on an academic study concluded that during ovulation, single women swing more liberal while married women voted more conservative…

CNN: Hormone story didn’t go through channels [Updated] Washington Post (blog) Yesterday pulled from its Web site a much-criticized story examining a study about how the voting behavior of women may hinge on whether they’re ovulating. Here’s a taste of what the piece said: “New research suggests that hormones may ..

CNN takes down story titled ‘Do hormones drive women’s votes?’ On Wednesday posted a story titled “Do hormones drive women’s votes?” and it sparked quite a bit of a social media backlash. So much so that the network took the article down.

CNN Deletes Story About Hormones Driving Women to Vote With women a key demographic being chased by the presidential candidates, a study from the University of Texas, San Antonio suggested that women might lean toward one candidate based on fluctuating hormones surrounding their menstrual cycle.

CNN pulls report about ovulation and voting Washington Post (blog) Hey, maybe that’s why the Obama campaign uses that big “O” on their logo. Yesterday, as Julie Moos reports over at’s Mediawire, CNN posted a story on its Web site citing unpublished research suggesting that how a woman votes is affected by 

CNN says women vote with their hormones Columbia Journalism Review (blog) It took seven hours of Internet backlash on Wednesday night for the Internet to convince CNN that an article it published needed to be removed. The article? A piece written by CNN’s Elizabeth Landau, based on unpublished research, saying that women’s ..

CNN Unpublishes Story Linking Women’s Hormones to Voting iMediaEthics CNN unpublished an article that “did not meet the editorial standards of CNN,” Mediaite reported. The story has been replaced with a post disclosing the unpublishing that reads: “Post removed: Study looks at voting and hormones. “A post previously…

CNN: Do Hormones Drive Women’s Votes? Me: I Can’t Possibly Have Read That  Glamour (blog) I know the tagline for this blog is “Let’s get real,” so I’m about to get real with you. Really real. Isn’t it the pits how our silly hormones are always getting in the way, clouding our judgment, winning out over reason regarding our decision making ..

CNN pulls report about link between ovulation and voting After publishing a story on a link between ovulation and voting preference, CNN has pulled it. The original article was published here but has been replaced by a statement from CNN, apologizing for publishing the story in the first place.

Online outrage prompts CNN to pull story linking female voting to ovulation The Age It’s the media equivalent of a Tony Abbott clanger, but this time it’s CNN – and instead of Julia Gillard, the wrath comes from, well, potentially every American female. In an eyebrow-raising about-turn, the corporation published, then retracted, a news story that

Women cast votes based on ‘monthly period’ says writer, CNN bans story Indian Express Do women’s hormones affect their voting behaviour during elections? Can voting patterns, as far as women’s preferences are concerned, be as easy to predicate as that? Yes, said a writer and promptly landed in the soup for making such ‘wild’ allegations 

CNN Scratches Story On How Women’s Hormones Influence Voting Choices Huffington Post CNN has removed a story from its website about how women’s hormones can affect their voting choices. The story, which appeared on the website’s health section, reported on a study that investigated how women vote differently based on a variety of factors:

Women rage over CNN story Sydney Morning Herald IF THEY were not angry before, they are now: women – and internet users – have reacted to a CNN story that claimed that women’s votes were influenced by their menstrual cycles. In an eyebrow-raising about-turn, the network published, then retracted, a story ..

CNN retracts story on hormonal female voters Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog) In a matter of hours, CNN [on Wednesday] published and removed a story about how hormones influence women voters, one that made claims about how women tend to lean liberal when ovulating because they “feel sexier.”

CNN publishes, then deletes story that says ovulation affects if women vote … Fox News What was CNN thinking? Women, get this: If you’re ovulating on voting day, you tend to feel sexier, and therefore will vote liberal when you check your ballot. Say what? That was just one theory put forth by an unpublished scientific study of women’s voting 

CNN ridiculed over ‘hormonal voting’ report Irish Examiner CNN ridiculed over ‘hormonal voting’ report. CNN published, and then retracted, a news story which claimed that women’s votes were governed by their menstrual cycles, triggering criticism and lampooning.

CNN removes story about women’s hormones affecting voting Salon Following widespread ridicule, CNN has removed a story published online Wednesday about whether hormones could influence female voting choices.

Recent study is yet another assertion that women can’t vote with their brains Yesterday, CNN reported the findings of a new study examining the relationship between women’s hormones and their voting tendencies

CNN removes story on hormonal female voters after major backlash RT The hard-working editors at CNN were forced to remove an article from the network’s website this week after being called-out by critics who viewed a story they published on women voters as sexist, to say the least.On this week, the network posed the age-old question, “Do hormones drive women’s votes?” In order to get some answers, they turned to a study from the University of Texas, San Antonio that concluded the biological inner workings of women throughout various stages of their menstrual cycle had an identifiable effect on which way they make up their hysterical and easily influential minds on Election Day.

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