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US – Dear Women: Wake the F**k Up (Opinion)



Marianne Williamson: Women and A Call For A New Kind of Politics Forbes We lack female representation in our electoral politics today. The U.S. Congress is currently comprised of 16.8 percent women and our state legislatures 23.6 percent. How does this lack of female participation and gender equality affect the overall …

Why Does Everyone Hate Women? Daily Beast It seems to be some sort of universal that women who make forceful political arguments garner a particular sort of vitriolic reaction.

Dear Women: Wake the F**k Up Huffington Post You should be walking the streets everyday and telling everyone — strangers, neighbors, family members, colleagues — to vote or be responsible for sending women back to the nineteenth century.

When the First Lady Talks, Do Women Listen? National Journal Polls have given the president a substantial advantage among women voters throughout the cycle, but some recent polls—like a USA Today/Gallup poll last week—have shown gains for Republican nominee Mitt Romney as the race enters the final two weeks

Remedial Women’s Studies: The 2012 Republican Party Huffington Post Think this year’s political focus on women’s issues is just some overblown hype fueled by a few rogue Akins and Mourdocks? Think again. I sorted through binders full of Republican candidates, and found a real pattern.

1 thought on “US – Dear Women: Wake the F**k Up (Opinion)”

  1. I don’t know what the elections are like in the UK but here I am left voting a straight Democratic ticket without any possibility of doing otherwise. I would vote for a Republican that I saw as fair and honest but now it’s impossible to find one sense they have taken over the internet we can’t know the truth about anyone anymore.

    The Republican party here in the USA is now run by people who are not Republicans…they are Terrorists! The kind that says we don’t care that YOU PAY US to represent you we have our own agenda. We don’t care if you have a job. We don’t care if you can feed your family. We don’t care about anyone who doesn’t already have money. Dishonesty doesn’t matter, Fairness doesn’t matter. YOU DON’T Matter!


    My vote is my way of saying that I don’t like that way of doing business.

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