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Hormonal Voting: Women Weigh In, Generally Agree It’s Absurd

CNN Reports Women Voters Apparently Incapable Of Cognition, According To … Huffington Post ‘Sup, girl. You feelin’ sexy today? Do you feel like your womb is a verdant, flowering pasture of fertility? Are all those fuzzy little chemicals burning around your brainpan sending you free and easy vibes today? Or do you feel as if your maidenhead is a barren tundra upon which a seed can find no purchase? Answering these questions are going to determine how your pretty little brain is going to operate once you get into that voting booth on Election Day, according to cutting-edge CNN science.

Hey Girl, Hormonal Voting: Women Weigh In, Generally Agree It’s Absurd … Huffington Post The year is 2012 and while most major news outlets have covered the role female voters will play in deciding the upcoming presidential election, CNN took things in what looked like a decidedly retro direction Wednesday, posing the question, “Do hormones drive women’s votes?” The article focused on a new study out of the University of Texas positing that women aren’t voting based on their economic interests or issues of women’s health or their personal values … but based on their menstrual cycles. Yup, turns out ladies may just be too hormonal to be rational voters!

Post removed: Study looks at voting and hormones CNN

CNN Publishes, Then Removes Story Asking, ‘Do Hormones Drive Women’s … Mediaite CNN caused a bit of a stir today when it published a story entitled, “Do hormones drive women’s votes?” Mockery and criticism immediately ensued — until a few hours later when CNN removed the story, publishing an explanation in its place.

Online outrage prompts CNN to pull story linking female voting to ovulation The Age “New research suggest that hormones may influence female voting choices differently depending on whether a woman is single or in a committed relationship”, read the article, as tweeted by @KailiJoy.

Science: female voters will determine this election cycle Chicago Reader Lately, women and their sympathizers have turned to Science to provide answers alternate to the sorts of wildly misogynistic claims that so frequently spring, like little Whac-A-Moles, from the mouths of office-seeking Republicans.

Female Vote Hard to Predict Due to Periods New York Magazine Female voters! Kindly tell Nate Silver the date of your last period and your relationship status so he can figure out once and for all who’s gonna win this thing November 6.

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