Gender and Politics in the media

US: White Men, A Key GOP Demographic, Discuss The Romney Appeal, VIDEO: A look at Wisconsin female swing voters

(Credit: CBS)

Colorado’s Women Voters Expected To Make Impact In November Election CBS Local “Women voters in Colorado, especially women voters in the Denver metro area, decide most elections and the outcome of those elections in Colorado,” Republican pollster Lori Weigle said. Three years ago Weigle’s firm Public Opinion Strategies teamed up …

White Men, A Key GOP Demographic, Discuss The Romney Appeal Capital Public Radio News For all the attention on female voters, the gender gap is no less among white men. They voted in large numbers against Barack Obama four years ago, and are expected to do so again this year. At a motorcycle festival in Florida, some of these voters …

Obama’s debate performance helped among women voters CBS News After Tuesday night’s presidential debate at Hofstra University on Long Island, CBS News’ instant poll found that 39 percent of women believed President Obama won, 29 percent believed Gov. Mitt Romney won, and 33 percent called it a tie.

How Mitt Once Won Women Voters Daily Beast Women tend to vote in larger numbers than men and favor Democrats, so the task for Romney has always been to drag down his opponent’s share of the female vote just enough to let the natural Republican advantage with male voters put him over the top…

Women’s Issues are our issues The Seattle Times (blog) The presidential debates have provided sound bites from President Obama and Governor Romney when they discuss women’s issues. But what do the candidates’ official websites reveal regarding what they believe on issues of equal rights, women in the …

Obama, Romney equal on gender pay inequality CNN According to a University of Massachusetts Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy study, when Romney was sworn in as governor in 2003, 42% of his administration’s senior-level appointments were women.

A Ray of Hope Slate Magazine Romney hasn’t been underperforming among women—he ranks about even with previous Republican presidential candidates—but his latest comment, combined with his murky record on women’s issues, has hurt his ability to close the political gender gap.

The women’s vote: Turnout historically higher than men The Independent Weekly According to a report, “The Status of Women in North Carolina,” released by the N.C. Department of Administration, in 2010 47 percent of women who were U.S. citizens, age 18 and older and reportedvoting in the state cast ballots.

Winning the women voters WDTN Wooing women voters in the swing states, like Ohio, that’s what both campaigns are trying to do. President Barack Obama’s camp has launched the “Women Decide 2012” initiative.

A look at Wisconsin female swing voters CNN

Obama: Rival Suffers ‘Romnesia’ on Women’s Issues President Barack Obama turned his opponent’s name into an ailment on Friday, accusing rival Mitt Romney of suffering from “Romnesia” for emphasizing moderate positions rather than the conservative ones he put forward in the Republican primary race.

Campaigning in Virginia, Obama Presses Fight for Women’s Vote New York Times President Obama reached out to female voters in this battleground state on Friday, saying that Mitt Romney would “turn back the clock” on women’s rights and accusing him of developing “Romnesia” by conveniently forgetting his most conservative positions.

First Thoughts: Wooing women (blog) Presidential campaign turns into a contest of wooing women…

Politics Counts: How Women Voters Line Up Wall Street Journal (blog) The story of Mitt Romney’s gender gap issues are well-known to most by now. Since he locked down the Republican nomination this spring, the former Massachusetts governor’s struggles with winning women voters have been chronicled in a slew of polls …

Obama courts female voters, accuses GOP rival Romney of suffering from a case … Newser Making a direct gender-pitch in hotly contested Virginia, Obama tells a college crowd that when it comes to issues important to women’s health and jobs, Romney has conveniently overlooked his past stands. “He’s forgetting what his own positions are …

Ad Watch: Campaigns Make Plays for Women Voters Wall Street Journal Ad Watch: Campaigns Make Plays for Women Voters. The Romney and Obama campaigns are making no secret of the importance this year of women voters, but the two sides – and the Super PACs aligned to them – are going about it in very different ways

Obama Battling To Maintain Women’s Vote, Seen As His Key To Victory NPR (blog) After President Obama’s self-described somnolent first debate performance, hisfemale supporters lit up social media and tagged the campaign with complaints about his failure to talk about their issues, from pay equity to health and reproductive rights.

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