Gender and Politics in the media

US: Does Romney ‘get’ women who work? Are Women Voters Abandoning Obama?

Women Voters Abandoning Obama? Fox Business Joining us now to talk about the effort to win over women as a voting bloc in this country is Bay Buchanan and senior advisor true governor Romney former treasurer. Of the United States under president — also author of the book. — and her boys

Jennifer Lawless and Kathleen Dolan question Romney’s superficial answers to a question about women’s economic equity

Does Romney ‘get’ women who work? CNN When Mitt Romney asked his staff why all the applicants for cabinet positions seemed to be men, as he recounted in the presidential debate Tuesday night, he was apparently told that only men had “the qualifications.” That is obviously not true.

Women Increasingly Look to Romney to Fix Economy Town Hall While polls showed women were concerned with many other issues, such as a brutally high unemployment rate, the weak economy, deepening deficits and debt, and other domestic problems, the Obama men on the campaign saw women as single-issue…

Obama, Romney Wage War for Women Polls suggest Romney has an opening, and he’s trying to cast himself as a reasonable, moderate leader able to fix a sluggish economy that has hit women particularly hard. Democrats counter by reminding women that Obama has aggressively championed .

GOP women have the edge Boston Herald The next female member of Congress from Massachusetts was a Democrat, 46 years after Nourse took office. She is one elected official that the party might disown today — Louise Day Hicks. Her entry on the “Women in Congress” website notes among her …

Obama Battling To Maintain Women’s Vote, Seen As His Key To Victory Capital Public Radio News Four years ago, Barack Obama captured 56 percent of women voters. But with a recent poll showing him tied with Mitt Romney among women, Obama has been working anew to convince the demographic seen as key to his hold on the White House

Women voters could decide presidential election Herald Times Reporter WASHINGTON — When all the votes are counted on election night, those cast by women could decide whether President Barack Obama repeats his 2008 victory in Wisconsin or former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney carries the Badger State for…

Abortion the top issue for women voters in swing states Female registered voters named abortion (39 percent) as the single most important issue for women in this election, followed by jobs (19 percent), healthcare (18 percent) and the economy (16 percent). An additional 15 percent of the women voters…

Obama, Romney wage war for women Bradenton Herald To win the White House, Democrats need to maintain their recent edge with women, particularly in an election that promises to be close. In every White House race since 1980, the Democratic candidate has done significantly better with women than men.

Rush Limbaugh: Obama thinks women are ‘dumb and stupid’ and not even people Knowing that the female vote could put him over the top, Mitt Romney has refocused his attention on women, rolling out new TV ads and speaking about them more on the campaign trail. After Mitt Romney’s awkward “binders full of women” comment during…

Video – Romney and Obama Ads Targeting Women … The Romney and Obama campaigns are making no secret of the importance this year of women…

Women vote could hand Obama victory – Americas … Latest polls suggest US president is ahead of his Republican challenger Mitt Romney among …

Women Voters Abandoning Obama? | Fox Business … Mitt Romney Senior Advisor Bay Buchanan on the impact of women voters on the Presidential …

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