Gender and Politics in the media

Palestinian women hope to sweep local elections in PA, How blaming the West hides a war on women

Remove Socio-cultural Barriers To Effective Political Participation Ghana The absence of specific initiatives such as affirmative action to implement global, continental and regional commitments that promote gender equality in participation and representation in decision-making processes is hindering the involvement of women …

Over 600 women protest for better salary Times of India Consequently, the union leaders dragged the issue before the labour department. On Friday morning, labour department officials invited the union and the management to conduct talks. Meanwhile, 600 women from four units did not go to work and instead…

Brazil’s women politicians march on – but the pace is still too slow for many The Guardian Brazilians will return to the polls next week less than a month after voters elected a record number of women as mayors, but gender equality is still a distant goal in apolitical culture long dominated by men.

How blaming the West hides a war on women Washington Post The targeting of Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year-old girl shot nearly two weeks ago by a Pakistani Taliban assassin, brought back memories of my teenage years in Tehran, where theocratic zealots were similarly in control.

Women now the breadwinners in 10% of European households Irish Times Speaking at the Crisis to Opportunity conference organised by the economic think tank, UCD lecturer Ursula Barry said the traditional view that women act as a reserve labour force had been challenged in the current economic crisis.

Elections In Palestine Sees More Women On Ballot NPR Palestinians in the West Bank vote in municipal elections on Saturday. Islamist hardliners are boycotting the polls, and there is considerable indifference among the general population. One trend that is sparking interest, however, is the increasing …

A vote for feminism Haaretz A vote for feminism. A record number of women are running in tomorrow’s election for local councils in the West Bank. Their goal: an end to patriarchy.

Palestinian women hope to sweep local elections in PA Haaretz The rivals of the El Bireh for Everyone list circulate among the cafes and grocery stores in the town, pointing at election posters and whispering: Look, its three femalecandidates are without a mandeel (head covering ).

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