Australia Modernizes Misogyny, Bring in the quotas: we need more than talk about women in politics

Julia Gillard Speech Gives Misogyny New Definition In Dictionary Huffington Post The Associated Press reports that Australia’s Macquarie Dictionary has updated its definition of the word “misogyny” after Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave a take-no-prisoners lecturing of opposition leader Tony Abbott about his anti-female …

Labor’s effort to mobilise female voters against Tony Abbott has more in … The Australian Labor’s effort to mobilise female voters against Tony Abbott has more in common with American politics than our own. In the US, much time and money is spent mobilising various demographics and constituencies. Because voting is voluntary, you have to …

Australia Modernizes Misogyny Autostraddle Last week Prime Minister Julia Gillard made an impassioned speech against the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and the world was set ablaze. Gillard justly called Abbott out for his sexist actions and remarks against women.

Anger as Abbott tells PM to ‘stop playing the victim’ The Australian SENIOR Labor frontbenchers have savaged Tony Abbott for saying Julia Gillard needs to stop behaving like a “victim” in the ongoing bitter debate about gender politics.

Bring in the quotas: we need more than talk about women in politics MetroNews Canada It may be time for Canadian jurisdictions to consider gender quotas in order to boost female representation in politics. Left to our own devices, humans aren’t great about addressing inequality. As Stephen Colbert pointed out this week, that’s why Lincoln didn’t sign an emancipation “suggestion” to end slavery. If a system is working for the ruling class, there’s little chance they’ll take positive action to end it – no matter how wrong or oppressive it is.

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