Gender and Politics in the media

Watch: Binders full of women’s issue coverage (Fox, ABC, Current, msnbc,, PBS)

Candidates Court Female Voters During Debate … AP President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney appealed to female voters during Tuesday’s


Romney and Obama Appeal to Female Voters in Swing States PBS NewsHour Mitt Romney flew to Virginia and President Obama to Iowa, but distance didn’t stop attacks between the two the day after the second presidential debate. Gwen Ifill reports on the presidential candidates’ campaign stops. Judy Woodruff gets analysis from …


Kirsten Powers: For Women, this election is about … Kirsten Powers from The Daily Beast finally calls out how the Obama campaign is treating and


Videos at link:

Did Romney alienate women voters? Did Romney alienate women voters? Mitt Romney tried to make a pitch to women at Tuesday’s debate, but it went awkwardly wrong. His comments about a “binder full of women” set the Internet on fire, and still has a lot of people talking,’s Irin …

Candidates vague on women’s issues Candidates vague on women’s issues. Katherine Fenton, a 24-year-old who asked a question about equal pay in the workplace, joins Andrea Mitchell Reports to discuss why she’s still undecided after Tuesday’s debate. The Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus …

Candidates Push For Women’s Vote | Mitt Romney sparked internet ridicule and Democratic derision with his claim Tuesday night to…

The fight over the female vote | Fox News Video This transcript is automatically generated. no single demographic group is more sought after in

Presidential Debate: Mitt Romney’s ‘Binders Full … VIDEO: Document with voter ID card shows election date in Spanish as Nov. 8 comment came

Senator Sanders on the debate, Romney and ‘the … Stephanie and the senator also focus on women’s issues in the wake of Mitt Romney’s

US Election: Mitt Romney mocked for ‘binders … Mitt Romney was widely mocked yesterday after awkwardly describing how he was brought

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