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Women Are the Deciders, But for Which Candidate? Do Negative Ads Work Better on Women?

Ann Romney is the real Republican threat to women The Independent You have to hand it to Ann Romney.  A few months ago, she was handed one of the toughest tasks in politics – to ‘humanise’ automaton husband Mitt, a man who gives the strong impression of an alien unfamiliar with human norms passing himself off as the US President in a bid to annihilate the earth. The idea was clearly that the warm and likeable mother of five would rescue her spouse from a level of unpopularity with women rivalled only by a teenage boy who has yet to form a meaningful relationship with deodorant.

Women Are the Deciders, But for Which Candidate? An Interview With Pollster … Huffington Post MB: This is a shift from ’08 when Obama carried the women’s vote decisively, particularly the single women’s vote. CL: Barack Obama soundly carried the women’s vote by double digits. But then we had 2010, when women voted Republican for the first time …

Do Negative Ads Work Better on Women? U.S. News & World Report In August, President Barack Obama’s campaign released a two-and-a-half minute ad about Republican women who would be voting for him over Mitt Romney because of the GOP nominee’s stances on abortion and contraceptive rights. For most of the ad, the women focus on what they perceive as Republicans’ attacks on women, not Obama’s support of them. According to a new report, it may have been the right move.

Lauren Casselberry/ The Jersey Journal

Women should realize ‘politics is real life,’ New Jersey City University panel … The Jersey Journal – If you don’t want someone else to make your choices for you, then become more involved in your own destinies. That was the message yesterday from a group of panelists at New Jersey City University. Panel members, which included state Sen. Sandra Cunningham, D-Jersey City, and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, D-Newark, urged the three dozen audience members at the first “Conversations in Women and Gender Studies” conference to become more involved in their own communities.

What Women Voters Want New Yorker (blog) Last week’s Vice-Presidential debate injected women’s issues back into the campaign, and that’s a good thing. It’s good for the Democrats because it makes them scrappy.

Obama Maintains Lead Over Romney in Post-Debate ABC/Post Poll Bloomberg Romney led 54 percent to 42 percent among men likely to go to the polls and was tied at 48 percent among likely women voters in states that strategists in both parties say will decide who wins the White House on Nov. 6. Both candidates are focusing on …

Obama supporters trying to solidify support among women Los Angeles Times Women continue to be one of the groups tilting most solidly in President Obama’s direction three weeks before election day and two sets of allies moved Monday to try to solidify the incumbent’s standing among female voters, who could make up as much as …

Poll: Female voters give Obama big edge on contraception, abortion The Hill (blog) The survey found that Mitt Romney has made enormous gains with female voters — the candidates were tied among women who are likely to vote, and Obama had a nine-point lead among registered female voters. Concern over the economy has helped …

Swing States poll: Women push Romney into lead USA TODAY As the presidential campaign heads into its final weeks, the survey of voters in 12 crucial swing states finds female voters much more engaged in the election and increasingly concerned about the deficit and debt issues that favor Romney.

Presidential Polls 2012: Women Help Romney Jump Ahead of Obama in Swing … PolicyMic On the eve of the CNN/Hofstra University Town Hall Presidential Debate, Republican challenger Mitt Romney has jumped ahead of President Obama in the crucial swing states, according to the latest USA Today/Gallup poll. Romney now leads Obama by four …

Targeting the Women’s Vote: Can it be Done? LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) – Political scientist Cecilia Manrique, a Professor at the UW-La Crosse, said targeting the female vote was easy in the 1970’s. “Back then, the kinds of issues women tended to be associated with were healthcare, childcare, ..

Rocking the Mom Vote Deseret News (blog) While men usually pick sides and get pumped about candidates in the early stages of election cycles, women tend to rev up toward the end, according to USA TODAY. Women also are more open to candidate’s messages, meaning their vote can be swayed at …

Meet the (female) Tea Party leader who says America would be better off if women were never allowed to vote  Daily Mail A female Tea Party leader in Mississippi says the United States would be better off if women had never been granted the right to vote. ‘Probably the biggest turn we ever made was when the women got the right to vote. Our country might have been better off if it was still just men voting,’ Janis Lane told the Jackson Free Press during an interview with other Tea Party leaders.

Poll finds Akin with slight lead over McCaskill The Hill (blog) Broken down across gender lines, McCaskill has a 7-point advantage among women, leading Akin with 50 to 43 percent support. Among men though, Akin holds the edge, with fifty-five percent of men backing Akin to 39 percent who support McCaskill.

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