Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Women need to “challenge themselves” to take more top jobs, US: For Second Debate, It’s Ladies Night

Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary, says women should make sure they are making a contribution to society Photo: Getty Images

Maria Miller: women need to “challenge themselves” to take more top jobs Maria Miller, who became the third most senior female member of the Government last month, said women need to get better at putting themselves forward for high-profile roles.Her comments suggest women should not always blame the glass-ceiling for their lack of senior representation in careers such as politics, the civil service, the NHS, the judiciary and police.In a newspaper interview, Mrs Miller indicated women may be partly responsible for holding themselves back.

For Second Debate, It’s Ladies Night Fox News The Obama campaign is pooh-poohing the new USA Today/Gallup poll that shows a tie among female voters between President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Team Obama calls the poll an “extreme outlier” and suggests that the president still enjoys an advantage with women voters. But even if the Blue Team were still rocking the 8-point advantage with women that Obama’s pollsters suggest, it would still mean an Obama loss.

Complexity of women’s rights issues in election provokes strong reactions … Tufts Daily Women have a huge stake in this election. With President Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney taking such different stances on issues such as funding for women’s healthcare, equalizing women’s wages and abortion, an influential female …

Why women might vote Republican Statesman Journal One little known bit of political calculus? Women are as ambivalent as voters overall. In a 2009 Gallup poll, women were more likely to call themselves pro-life than pro-choice. This is not necessarily the losing issue for the GOP that pundits make it …

Catcalls, cuties and blow up dolls – a woman’s place in politics The Independent Last week, the video of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard responding to countless inappropriate sexist attacks during her time in office went viral.While thousands voiced their approval, many criticised Gillard’s speech, labelling it a political ploy or accusing her of overreacting. One blog published by the Telegraph suggested that she had in fact “gratuitously” betrayed her own “emotional sensitivity” in the speech and needed to “man up”. An Australian politician claimed she had “demeaned every woman in this parliament” by “playing the gender card”, concluding “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

Women far behind in Gujarat pollkshetra Daily News & Analysis Of the total number of women who contested assembly elections in the state after Gujarat’s birth as a separate entity, more than 50% lost their security deposits. Even an analysis of each assembly poll result reveals that a majority of women candidates …


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