Gender and Politics in the media

Male and female voters differ sharply over Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott on gender issues. Women and Electoral Politics in Palestine

Gender wars: poll shows men and women split over leaders Crikey A significant gender gap divides Australian voters in their attitudes toward Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard, a major polling project by Crikey and Essential Research has found. In polling conducted immediately before and after gender issues roiled federal politics last week, Essential Research has captured the attitude of over 2000 voters on gender and personal characteristics, including how both women and men reacted to the Prime Minister’s ferocious attack on the Opposition Leader over misogyny.

The real misogyny On Line Opinion “Misogyny” is defined as a ‘hatred of women’. Although Julia Gillard accuses Tony Abbott of misogyny, it is a false accusation as he obviously loves his mother, wife, daughters and sister and is loved by them.

Appointing a Female Justice Won’t Solve Women’s Rights Huffington Post Canada With this admirable attempt to advocate for fairer gender representation on the nation’s top court, I can’t help but wonder if an emphasis on such direct representation distracts us from more effectively tackling systemic barriers to women’s rights in …


Women and Electoral Politics in Palestine: A Revolution in the Making? RH Reality Check (blog) The West Bank, and Palestine as a whole, faces a broken political system, rife with problems of representation and corruption. The aftershock of the latter part of the Oslo Accords as well as years of occupation has left the political system stifled but inward-looking, if not creating then certainly aiding an environment where nepotism and favouritism are often its primary drivers.

UNDP calls for caucus of women politicians in India Deccan Herald
A UNDP roundtable on women’s participation in politics on Thursday recommended mobilisation of women for integrated development agenda including quota in Parliament and representation in political parties. The roundtable had participants from cross …

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