Gender and Politics in the media

Women’s equality isn’t enough, Women Demand Civil Rights in Lebanon, All-Female Ticket Aims to Be Heard, if Not Seen

Women’s equality isn’t enough Haaretz Women’s equality isn’t enough. Will feminist organizations support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if, out of cynical motives, he announces he plans to appoint a female minister of women’s rights to the Prime Minister’s Office?

Women judges on the rise Irish Times In Northern Ireland about 30 per cent of county court judges are female and about 24 per cent of full-time district judges in the Magistrate’s Courts are female. At the tiers below, female representation is closer to 40-50 per cent…

Make Parliament more gender-sensitive: IPU chief Zee News New Delhi: Increasing representation for women in Parliament is important but the legislative body should also mould its codes, ethics and practices to truly ensure equitable treatment of women, the head of the international organisation of parliaments …

Women Demand Civil Rights in Lebanon CounterPunch Tehran and Washington are employing competing  strategies via their political allies in Lebanon to win 70 seats in next years June 2013 parliamentary election, should they actually be held whikc is looking doubtful to this observer. Their efforts are designed to control the next government here while widening the spectrum of challenges to the other in order to undermine chances for their adversary gaining regional hegemony.

Calls mount for female political representation The Daily Star BEIRUT: Activists cried out against politicians backing a new draft electoral law Friday, saying women did not receive an acceptable quota for Parliament under the proposal and the country’s electoral system was being treated as a “man’s business.” …

Maysoun Qawasmi, 43, is the leader of the Participation ticket. Ms. Qawasmi’s long-shot, low-budget campaign is one of hundreds unfolding across the West Bank this month. Rina Castelnuovo for The New York Times

All-Female Ticket Aims to Be Heard, if Not Seen New York Times HEBRON, West Bank — The faces of five men in business suits and one woman in a white head scarf beam under the slogan “Modern Hebron” on campaign banners along the streets of this famously conservative city ahead of local elections scheduled for …

Gender Links empowers women election candidates The Swazi Observer The campaign aims at bringing to the attention of the public and the Constituency, the need to increase women in local government and build momentum towards the national elections to be held in 2013. Local government elections in Swaziland will be held …

Gender Mainstreaming… The Women Behind Ekiti Government (1) The Guardian Nigeria In Nigerian politics, it is still a big challenge to have fair gender representation at whatever level. Some political parties have creatively zoned certain positions to women; for instance, the Action congress of Nigeria (ACN) has zoned in principle …

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