Gender and Politics in the media

Majority of British women say Government doesn’t represent them, Four things women can take from the Tory party conference

The Telegraph

Majority of British women say Government doesn’t represent them Sixty per cent of women in the UK believe that the current Government are not representative of who they are and find it difficult to relate to politicians.The study, conducted by global research group Kantar,and exclusively seen by The Telegraph, also discovered that nearly half of British women feel that they are under-represented in politics and it is this alienation that may be reducing women’s political participation.

Why does this shocking dearth of women in the media persist? The Guardian (blog) But we wanted to look at how women are represented on front pages which, despite declining readership and revenues, still help dictate the day’s agenda for both online and broadcast news, and which are seen on news stands by my daughter even if she …

Hunt weakens Tory bid to win back women Jeremy Hunt’s comments on abortion this week expose the Tories’ real attitude towards women argues Faye Mooney No matter what their opinion on the matter, I don’t think many within the Conservative Party think that the new Minister for Health Jeremy Hunt’s decision to impart his “personal views” on abortion  on the eve of their conference was particularly well-timed .

Four things women can take from the Tory party conference It doesn’t look like things are going to get much better for women following this week’s Conservative party conference. -Women hit hardest by benefit cuts  It is well documented that the cuts are hitting women’s pockets hardest, and there is huge concern that the further £10 billion in reduction to benefits funding announced by George Osborne at conference this week will again leave women worse off than men.

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