Gender and Politics in the media

WATCH: Cameron’s government ‘as sexist as Australia’, says author, Bury councillor questions Miliband’s ‘positive discrimination’

Dr Helen Pankhurst: David Cameron needs to spend more time with ‘real women’ Dr Pankhurst, who works as an international development and women rights campaigner, told The Telegraph that Mr Cameron had yet to engage “in detail” with political policies directly affecting women often in a negative way. “This Government has hurt women by omission. David Cameron has not engaged in detail with the issues affecting women today.

WATCH: David Cameron’s government ‘as sexist as Australia’, says author Kathy Lette  Lette also drew reference to David Cameron’s seemingly patronising remarks to Angela Eagle MP in April 2011. When the female shadow minister heckled the Prime Minister during PMQ’s, he replied “calm down dear” – much to the outrage of the opposition …

David and Samantha Cameron at the end of the Prime Minister’s speech.

Samantha Cameron should spread privilege too It’s time for Samantha Cameron to break her silence and become a proper First Lady, argues Katy Brand. Something abouit Samantha Cameron makes me uncomfortable. I am not sure if I am being entirely fair here, but I would really like her to do more. More in public, I mean. More than just gliding on stage after one of David’s speeches and making herself available for kissing.

Bury councillor questions Ed Miliband’s ‘positive discrimination’ calls for 50 … Mancunian Matters Ed Miliband’s calls for an increase of female Labour MPs have been met with differing responses from Bury Metropolitan Borough Council, where only a quarter of councillors are women. The Labour leader announced his intentions of making sure the part consists of half male and half female MPs.

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