Gender and Politics in the media

Sex differences in biological reactions to negative ads? Taliban Attack: Why Women’s Issues Are a Top Global Concern

Gender politics meets monetary policy FT Money Supply (blog) (Registration required) Yves Mersch’s long, slow assent to a place on the six-member executive board of the European Central Bank has just hit another potentially serious roadblock. The governor of the Bank of Luxembourg is male, like all his central bank peers in the 

Negative news and sexual differences exposed in new research (Video) …The researchers exposed groups of men and women to a series of neutral news headlines and articles and to a series of negative news headlines and articles. Each participant performed a psychological stress test after viewing each series of news items and had a salivary test for the stress hormone cortisol. Women that saw negative news articles had a higher level of cortisol than all other groups. The women that saw only negative news were more likely to remember the negative news and more likely to demonstrate a continued high level of cortisol one day after seeing the negative news. The problem for campaign managers and candidates now becomes to smear or not to smear. Should Obama and Romney go heavy on the negative ads in hopes of wooing the female vote or should they play it soft? The millions each candidate will spend on last minute ads will tell the tale.

See also: Paper – There Is No News Like Bad News: Women Are More Remembering and Stress Reactive after Reading Real Negative News than Men Authors: Marie-France Marin, Julie-Katia Morin-Major, Tania E. Schramek, Annick Beaupre, Andrea Perna, Robert-Paul Juster, Sonia J. Lupien

Swarthmore Sees Gender Equality in the Sciences as Gap Remains Nationwide Swarthmore College The Phoenix Online Many of us like to think that we have made tremendous strides in gender equality in the professional and academic worlds, and that overt, systemic discrimination based on sex is a relic of the past. We can indeed declare with some confidence that much …

The Taliban Attack: Why Women’s Issues Are a Top Global Concern Huffington Post Today, rather than seeing women as victims of so many things — poverty, war, culture, violence, atrocities — the U.S. government is acknowledging women as leaders. Our government also is making women’s issues a top priority, key to strategic …

‘Share responsibilities for gender equality’ Times of India ALLAHABAD: Sharing of responsibilities by both men and women are the necessary ingredients forgender equality in the society, said judge of Supreme Court, Justice Dipak Misra. He was speaking on the progressive development of women in today’s …

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