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Bad-ass Raddatz, VP Debate Reactions: Women Sound Off On Twitter, Letting women vote was a bad idea, tea party leader says

Martha Raddatz. (AP Photo/ABC News)

As debate moderators, will women get more respect? VOXXI The candidates weren’t kind to Jim Lehrer in the first presidential debate. The veteran debate moderator was talked over, interrupted, cut off and ignored. Would they dare to do the same thing to a woman debate moderator? Voters and viewers are about to find out. Women, rarely seen in the moderator’s chair, will be refereeing the next two debates. Martha Raddatz of ABC News will moderate Thursday night’s vice presidential face-off; CNN’s Candy Crowley will be the moderator on Tuesday when President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney debate a second time.

It takes a woman to get the job done: Bad-ass Raddatz Current TV (blog) On Thursday night, Martha Raddatz was everything a moderator should be. She had smart, thoughtful questions and pushed to get specific answers. She was bold and personable. Basically, she was the opposite of Jim Lehrer. Before this year’s election, Commission on Presidential Elections Executive Director Janet Brown said that the job of the moderator is to “facilitate the conversation and focus their time on the candidates.” Raddatz excelled at exactly that.

The verdict: Raddatz took control Politico Tonight’s winner: Martha Raddatz. Jim Lehrer she is not. Raddatz, the moderator of tonight’s vice presidential debate, served as an authoritative voice throughout the 90-minute contest between Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan — a stark contrast to her predecessor Lehrer, who was widely criticized for his laid-back performance at the first presidential debate last week.

WATCH: VP DEBATE: Raddatz questions 2012 tone Politico 

Letting women vote was a bad idea, Mississippi tea party leader says: Jarvis … A tea party leader in Mississippi rues the day that women won the right to vote. Women, she argues, are just too emotionally unstable and untrustworthy for the franchise. Yes, you read that right: The person making the case against women’s suffrage is Central Mississippi Tea Party President Janis Lane, herself a beneficiary of the 19th Amendment.

Vice Presidential Debate Reactions 2012: Women Sound Off On Twitter Huffington Post Unlike Ann Romney, Biden doesn’t need to say, “I love you, women!” His biker-chick magnetism aside, the V.P. has a strong record on women’s issues of his own, going back to his authoring the original Violence Against Women Act, which House Republicans …

Funny Or Die: Selma Blair Is The Only Woman Voting For Mitt Romney (VIDEO) Huffington Post (satire) Mitt Romney may not be the first presidential candidate that comes to mind when someone says “women’s rights,” but that doesn’t mean there aren’t women out there who would vote for him. Actually, woman. Just one. Funny Or Die was able to track her down …

Mobilizing the Black Female Vote in 2012 Loop 21 During the 2008 election, 69 percent of black women who were qualified to vote went to the polls, which was a 5.1-point increase from the 2004 presidential election, according to a study of census data on 2008 voters by the Pew Hispanic Center ..

Poll: Despite debate loss, Obama still leads in NJ Philadelphia Inquirer Obama bests Romney in virtually every category of New Jersey voters, including women, those without a college degree and younger voters, according to The Inquirer’s poll. On the issues, voters said they trusted Obama more on education, Medicare and ..

Poll: Despite debate loss, Obama maintains lead in Pa. Philadelphia Inquirer In addition to women, the new Pennsylvania poll finds Obama running strongest among young voters, those over 65, and those with a college education. Geographically, the president leads by 27 points in the five-county area that includes Philadelphia and

Romney Closes Gap With Obama in Polling in Five Swing States San Francisco Chronicle Romney had the support of 52 percent of likely male voters in Colorado, 54 percent in Florida, 55 percent and 52 percent in the two Virginia polls, and 51 percent in Wisconsin. The NBC/Journal/Marist telephone polls were taken Oct. 7-9 of 988 likely …

Female voters get the hots for Romney Washington Times Mitt Romney’s approval among women has soared by 18 points since the presidential debate, according to Pew pollsters. The two contenders are now tied among the must-win voters who make up 53 percent of the electorate. The gender gap died last …

Are women jumping off the Obama train? Washington Post (blog) Though that one poll showed the race dead even among female voters, 47 to 47, even Sullivan’s hair is no longer on fire, and some subsequent polling has been a lot less devastating for Obama. A CNN poll of likely voters in Ohio shows Obama leading …

Romney talks about women’s issues, abortion Tuesday, former Massachusetts Governor and the GOP’s Presidential candidate Mitt Romney talked to the Des Moines Register editorial board about, among other things,women’s issues – jobs, the economy, and the touchy healthcare issue, abortion.

Year of the Woman? The Nation. Many of the most exciting Senate races are being waged by progressive Democratic women, like Warren in Massachusetts and Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin. Their success in capturing women’s votes hinges not only on their support for women’s rights, but on …

10 fascinating facts about the status of North Carolina women The Progressive Pulse With the female vote expected to be a deciding force in this year’s General Election, it’s worth reviewing some of the findings released today in the 2012 Status of Women in North Carolina report.

Does Elizabeth Warren Have a Wealthy Woman Problem? Huffington Post While Democrats consistently benefit from large gender gaps in statewide races (Deval Patrick won re-election in 2010 largely because of a 20-plus point advantage among women), many expected Warren’s candidacy to generate an even larger gender gap.

Pennsylvania women cool on Romney but Obama offers glimmer of hope The Guardian The Guardian spoke to five women from Pennsylvania who have yet to make up their minds, to find out about the issues they care about as they approach November’s election. They include three registered Republicans, one Democrat and one independent…

Senate May Hinge on Women, Latinos, Youth Who Cast a Split-Ticket Vote National Journal The 6 of 10 in Nevada likely to vote for a Democratic president lean toward GOP Sen. Den Heller, and that base is largely female, Hispanic and younger, according to a poll that indicates voting-booth independence that may impact the Senate.

AZ Senate hopefuls wage new air war for women, Hispanic voters in surprise … Washington Post WASHINGTON — An old feud and the race for women voters escalated the tight Arizona Senate race Thursday, with Republican Rep. Jeff Flake citing the grudge in a new ad alleging that Democrat Richard Carmona lacks the temperament for the job.

Women rule in Missouri Senate race Washington Times (blog) While candidates around the country are especially focused on winning over women this year, the female vote is especially at stake in Missouri, where much of the race has revolved around Mr. Akin’s claim that victims of “legitimate” rape are unlikely …

What About Women? Huffington Post This year, more than any other in recent history, women’s issues have dominated public discourse, leading some to suggest that it’s the “year of the woman.” From the Susan G. Komen debacle to Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on Sandra Fluke to Todd Akin’s more ..

Women Falling for Romney | Fox Business Video I was speaking the volatility very surprising new poll from pull up you researchers showed a big …

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