Gender and Politics in the media

AU: Misogyny war has no winner, Gender on the agenda after Gillard spit, Bring back political correctness and respect

Misogyny war has no winner Sydney Morning Herald The PM may have made a hero of herself to some feminists but she did the wrong thing in trying to protect the sexist Peter Slipper. JOHN Howard had his history and culture wars. Now Julia Gillard has the gender war. Or the ”misogyny wars” as the extraordinary, bitter, unedifying clash is being dubbed. Although the fighting has been building, this week’s intensity was a shock. The government operates on the basis that Tony Abbott’s weak point is his ”woman problem”, which shows in polling. Many female voters find his style excessively aggressive and some of his attitudes (such as on abortion) unacceptable.

Gender on the agenda after Gillard spit The Australian GENDER was always going to be an issue once Australia’s prime minister was no longer a bloke in a suit. There’ve been unpleasant mutterings around the water cooler, in backyards, the dark recesses of social media networks and the odd public rally, (“Ditch the Witch”, anyone?). Julia Gillard has ignored it, as many women, and any political leader facing personal attacks from within the community, would.

Bring back political correctness and respect The Australian Financial Review …Making political judgments some of us might dislike does not give us the right to attack her using old-fashioned sexist language around her fertility, clothes and body shape. For those who sneered at the idea of political correctness, I say bring it back and return to respectful political discourse.

WATCH: Bishop defends Abbott’s attitude towards women ABC Online Federal Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop has defended decade-old remarks about women made by the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. Prime Minister Julia Gillard this week attacked Mr Abbott over a comment he made in the 1990s, when he posed a question asking whether men are more suited to exercise authority.

Abbott a woman-hater, says Swan The Australian …But as the week closes, it is Labor that is on the backfoot, “hoist on its own petard”, according to the Coalition, for the failure of senior ministers to immediately condemn an offensive joke about Tony Abbott and his chief of staff Peta Credlin.

Tony Abbott joke backfires on Labor  The Australian (Requires Login) LABOR faces claims it has been “hoist with its own petard” after senior ministers attended a union function at which an offensive joke was told about Tony Abbott and his chief of staff Peta Credlin a day after Julia Gillard declared she would “call” sexism and misogyny wherever she saw it.

Fiji women’s groups call for 50 percent women’s representation at all levels Radio New Zealand International The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre and the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement made the call as part of their formal submissions to the Constitution Commission this morning. The Crisis Centre’s Edwina Kotoisuva says women’s representation for women should be…

Kenyan women demand guaranteed seats in parliament Sabahi Online Activists in Kenya are calling for a constitutional amendment that will guarantee women’s quota representation in parliament in the event female candidates fail to win elective posts in the upcoming general elections. Kenyan women activists demonstrate …

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