Gender and Politics in the media

Women Worldwide Less Confident Than Men in Elections, Study sheds light on university gender inequity in professorships

Thomasa: More women won’t make our politics sweeter Calgary Herald The idea that a contentious, adversarial process can be made “sweet” or “nice” simply by increasing the number of women involved at best misrepresents a great deal of research examining gender and politics. At worst, this interpretation relies on tired…

Study sheds light on university gender inequity SciDev.Net Women still have lower chances of becoming full professors than men in Sweden despite decades of policymaking aimed at improving gender equality — a bias that is likely mirrored in countries around the world, according to a study.

Women still have lower chances of becoming professors Flickr/notanyron

Gender equality ‘stupid and impossible’ Voxy ‘Striving for gender equality is stupid,’ according to Australian sex author and activist, Holly Hill. Ms Hill was commenting on allegations of misogyny in the Australian parliament that have reverberated around the world, once again sparking  …

Women Worldwide Less Confident Than Men in Elections WASHINGTON, D.C. — Women worldwide are less confident than men in the honesty of elections, according to Gallup surveys in 125 countries in 2011. Forty-six percent of women say they are confident in the elections in their countries, compared with 48 …



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