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US: Hey Joe, go for women! Romney relies on shrinking pool of white male votes

Fox News poll: Romney erases Obama’s lead nationally after first debate Fox News Romney’s edge comes mainly from independents, white voters and men. Just over half of men (51 percent) back Romney now, the highest level of support he’s received among this group. The pollshows independents side with Romney by 44-32 percent.

As debate moderators, will women get more respect? Washington Post Deference (if any) to a female moderator may be less about respect than about votes. With millions of voters, particularly women, tuning in, appearing rude or abrupt to the moderator might be taken as evidence of hostility, a political statement in itself.

Romney relies on shrinking pool of white male votes Reuters If Romney does not improve on McCain’s performance among white men, the electorate’s second largest voting demographic after white women, he will likely repeat McCain’s fate, pollsters and demographers said. Obama faces similar odds: a huge dip in …

Will women fall for Mitt’s moderate makeover? Washington Post (blog) With the gender gap shrinking as Mitt Romney surges, Dems are hoping Romney’s comments about abortion to the Des Moines Register yesterday have given them a shot at renewing their pitch for women and reopening that gap. Romney told the paper this:

“There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.”

A Romney spokesperson promptly walked that back: “Gov. Romney would of course support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life.”

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Hey Joe, go for women! Salon Many Democrats were mystified that President Obama didn’t talk about his record on women’s issues in the first debate. Pollster Stan Greenberg found that unmarried women in particular – a cornerstone of the president’s base – felt his debate performance failed to show the difference he would make, and had already made, in their lives. Obama will have two chances to correct that impression himself, but Vice President Joe Biden is perfectly positioned to do it Thursday night, in his debate with Paul Ryan.

In Ohio, women weigh Romney’s record on rights AFP Hers is a dilemma facing many women voters, particularly moms, in battlegrounds like Ohio in the home stretch of the campaign, as they mull over whether to vote with their pocketbooks or their feminist principles. “I’m pro-choice. There are certain …

Ohio ‘Walmart moms’ a battleground within a battleground CNN (blog) I’m a woman and I’m voting for our right to choose. I’m also voting to sustain programs like Planned Parenthood that help American women get birth control, cancer treatment, and other procedures that benefit our health. I’d much rather my tax dollars…

Swing-State Married Moms Trust Romney on Economy, Obama on Women Married mothers in two competitive presidential states rate Republican nominee Mitt Romney better at dealing with the nation’s economic challenges than President Barack Obama, even as they side with the incumbent on reproductive rights and say he best…

Obama fights erosion of female voters with attacks on abortion The Hill Faced with a sudden erosion of female support in recent opinion polls, President Obama sought Wednesday to bolster his standing by blasting Mitt Romney on abortion rights. In an interview with ABC News, Obama accused Romney of trying to “cloud” his…

Poll: Ann Romney popularity climbing  The Hill (blog) A poll from the same source released last April also showed the two women had favorability ratings higher than either of their husbands. At that time, Ann Romney was not very well-known, and about 30 percent of those polled had no opinion or had not …


Romney softens abortion stance, courts women … The latest national poll suggests GOP presidential nominee Mitt ..

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