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A gender-neutral pronoun makes waves in Sweden, AU PM’s sexism speech sparks divisive reaction

Prime Minister Julia Gillard replies to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s motion to dismiss the Speaker Peter Slipper at Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday. Photo: Andrew Meares

Gillard reveals true nature in playing gender card Sydney Morning Herald The dictionary defines misogyny as “hatred of women”. It is an ugly word, an ugly accusation and an ugly fact of life. It is now the word that has driven Australian politics to its lowest point in decades. Yesterday, the mask fell away, the curtain dropped, the real driver of the politics of personal abuse was revealed. After sending out two attack dogs, Gutter and Sewer, to do the dirty work, after hiding behind two political zombies, Insufferable and Unspeakable, to stay in power, after using the Minister for Innuendo and the Compromise-General to play the gender card, the mask has finally dropped away to reveal the driver of the politics of hate in Australia.

Australian Prime Minister’s sexism speech sparks divisive reaction NDTV  A blistering attack by Prime Minister Julia Gillard labelling Australia’s opposition leader a misogynist has gained global attention but sparked a divisive reaction about her judgement and the role of sexism in politics. Ms Gillard, the nation’s first woman leader, lashed out on Tuesday at Tony Abbott after he called for the removal of Parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper over lurid text messages, which referenced female genitalia.

Gillard’s sexism speech sparks division News24 Gillard, the nation’s first woman leader, lashed out on Tuesday at Tony Abbott after he called for the removal of parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper over lurid text messages, which referenced female genitalia. Slipper, who stood aside in April amid …

Time PM stopped playing the gender card: Abbott Sydney Morning Herald Julia Gillard’s passionate and fierce  attack on misogyny and sexism in Parliament yesterday, in which she accused Tony Abbott of a long history of both, was ”a bit rich” coming from the person who was ”prepared to knife Kevin Rudd, but wasn’t prepared to sack Peter Slipper”, according to the Opposition Leader. His comments came as Cabinet ministers rallied around the Prime Minister, defending her decision to support Mr Slipper as Speaker of the lower house up until the moment he resigned.

WATCH: Penny Wong reflects on Slipper storm and political climate ABC Online Minister for Finance Penny Wong joins us from Parliament House to reflect on events surrounding former Parliamentary Speaker Peter Slipper and the current political climate.

Gillard accused of letting down Australian women AsiaOne Prime Minister Julia Gillard was Wednesday accused of letting down Australian women by defending her tainted parliamentary speaker and using gender to deflect criticism. Gillard, the nation’s first woman leader, lashed out Tuesday at opposition leader Tony Abbott after he called for the removal of speaker Peter Slipper over lurid text messages which included crude references to female genitalia.

Are quotas needed to get more women in politics? ABC Online With the next election just five months away, WA’s political parties are finalising the candidates they’ll put forward to the voters. Among them are a number of women, with the Liberal party so far selecting 20 females to run next March.

Coalition lacks women: Boyce Sydney Morning Herald The Coalition’s only female senator in Queensland has hit out at its failure to attract women MPs in greater numbers as she announces her own retirement. Senator Sue Boyce has also taken a swipe at the conservative elements in the party warning that it …

European parliamentary sees in Tymoshenko case reluctance of male politicians to admit women to power Kyiv Post The criminal cases against former Ukrainian Premier Yulia Tymoshenko could be explained not only by political motives, but also by the reluctance of male politicians to admit a woman to power, Member of the European Parliament Rebecca Harms has said. “Speaking about the Tymoshenko case, this is a strong indicator of relations between men and women. I have an impression that it’s not just political motives that stand behind the Tymoshenko case, but that there’s also a problem that men in power don’t want to tolerate the fact that women could have the same power and influence,” Harms said at a video linkup conference at the Institute of World Policy in Kyiv on Wednesday.

A gender-neutral pronoun makes waves in Sweden AFP STOCKHOLM — Sweden’s tradition of gender equality has famously put more mums in the workplace while rising numbers of dads stay at home. Now advocates have a new frontier: they’re pushing for a gender-neutral pronoun, “hen”, to be added to “han” (he) and “hon” (she)….The word “hen” was coined in the 1960s when the ubiquitous use of “han” (he) became politically incorrect. It was about “simplifying the language” and avoiding the clumsy “han/hon” (s/he) construction, said linguist Karin Milles. But the word never really took off. It resurfaced around 2000, when the country’s small transgender community latched onto it. Then the publication this year of a children’s book reignited the debate over the pronoun.

Two bills on women in PA The News International THE Punjab government is all set to introduce two new women-specific bills in the coming session of the Punjab Assembly to promote gender equality and to protect women rights. According to a press release on Tuesday, the first piece of legislation …

Confronting gender inequality beyond quotas The Conversation Pressure is mounting globally for women’s equal participation in corporate and public life. As of March 2012, women made up only 3.2% of presidents and chairmen and 13.7% of board seats in European companies. That month, European Commissioner Viviane Reding presented a draft for an EU directive which, if passed, will force all 27 EU member states to introduce laws for a gender quota of 40% in companies listed on the stock markets by January 1, 2020….In September, Germany moved closer to enacting quotas when its upper house of parliament, the Bundesrat, voted to introduce a legally binding quota of 20% of women on boards by 2018 which would be raised to 40% by 2023.

Report: Brazil Elects Record Number of Women ABC News The Folha de S. Paulo reports that more than 11 percent of cities handed over the keys to city hall to female candidates during nationwide municipal elections on Sunday. Folha’s story Monday says 621 women were elected mayor outright.

‘Record’ number of women elected in Brazil Ninemsn The Folha de S Paulo reports that more than 11 per cent of cities handed over the keys to city hall to female candidates during municipal elections across the country on Sunday. Folha’s story on Monday says 621 women were elected mayor outright…

Govt Launches 50/50 Campaign Ahead of Local Elections Speaking to more than 100 delegates who attended the launch, Mamba pointed out that the electorate needs to nominate women to contest in the forthcoming local government elections and also vote for them should Swaziland achieve 50% representation of …

Israeli women’s coalition wants to become a force to be reckoned with Haaretz The document will clarify to all the parties that whoever supports cutting social services, privatization, raising prices on staple items, discrimination against women or any processes that harm women, will lose women’s votes – and hopefully, men’s, as …

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