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Australia: Tony Abbott and women

Tony Abbott greets Liberal MP Kelly O’Dwyer before an event in Melbourne. Does the Opposition Leader have an issue with women? AAP/David Crosling

Tony Abbott and women: how both sides have played the gender card The Conversation In fact, there is a long history of gender being used as a political weapon in Australian politics, including by the Liberal Party. The difference is that normally gender is used as a subtext rather than being explicitly talked about.

Margie Abbott comes out swinging Sydney Morning Herald In a media blitz to counter Labor’s pitch to portray Tony Abbott as having a problem with women, Mrs Abbott said she was not political ”but just don’t ever try and tell me that my husband of 24 years and the father of three daughters is on some anti …

Margie Abbott said Tony does not have a problem with women Victorian Liberal backbencher Kelly O’Dwyer, who labelled the Labor women attacking Mr Abbott the “handbag hit squad”, took to Twitter to congratulate Mrs Abbott. “Great speech Margie. Pity about Labor’s personality politics,” she wrote. Mr Abbott…

What about the Prime Minister’s problem with men? The Australian It is a simple political story that fits a stereotype about women voters and their attitudes to the Opposition Leader. The simple truth is that Julia Gillard has a bigger problem with men than Abbott has with women.

Tony Abbott says Coalition needs to attract more women The Australian TONY Abbott has declared it’s important that the Coalition attracts more women, and is confident the party will have boosted its female ranks after the next election. The comments came after retiring LNP senator Sue Boyce told The Courier-Mail her own…

Labor’s British import brought the ‘problem with women’ spin The Australian Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has declared Abbott has a problem with women in authority and other Labor MPs have joined what has become known as the “handbag hit-squad” of women attacking the Opposition Leader. “We’ve seen him have the biggest …

Nicola Roxon to continue her attacks on Tony Abbott
The Australian ATTORNEY-GENERAL Nicola Roxon has vowed to continue attacking Tony Abbott’srecord with women, but Foreign Minister Bob Carr believes Labor’s attack may have run its course. Ms Roxon said she would not back off her attacks on the Opposition …

Tony Abbott says the Prime Minister is responsible for personal attacks … The Daily Telegraph …Mr Abbott’s wife Margie went on a media blitz last week to defend her husband, declaring: “Tony Abbott gets women and … the women in Tony Abbott’s life certainly get him.”…

Abbott ‘fair game’ despite wife’s public plea ABC Online Attorney-General Nicola Roxon says she will not stop attacking Opposition Leader Tony Abbott despite a rare public plea from his wife. Ms Roxon is one of several seniorfemale Government ministers who have publicly stated Mr Abbott has a problem with …

Abbott snubbed me, says Roxon The Australian JUST because Attorney-General Nicola Roxon and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott”don’t like each other” doesn’t excuse him for snubbing her at social events, she declared yesterday.

Liberal Senator Sue Boyce berates LNP for lack of women Herald Sun In damning comments that come as Tony Abbott tries to lift his appeal to women, the only female LNP senator from Queensland said her party was lagging Labor and the Greens in preselecting women. “We need plans to get more women into both federal and …

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