Gender and Politics in the media

Ireland: Women only ones with balls in Cabinet, Row over women on ECB board could go to court: source

Women only ones with balls in Cabinet Irish Independent THE former head of the National Women’s Council launched an astonishing attack on the new coalition Government after the last election, accusing it of ignoring talented women in favour of what she called, so charmingly, the “bearers of balls”. If only that were true. Politicians with cojones of steel was exactly what the country needed after its self-confidence had been drained, like blood sucked by a vampire, by the IMF/EU bailout. What it got instead was political eunuchs.

Gender equality quotas not the answer, say experts BDlive THE period for public comment on the Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Bill ended yesterday, as some human resource experts warned that absolute quotas for equal representation of men and women in the workplace might not be feasible. The bill, which was approved by cabinet last month and published in the Government Gazette, requires “all entities” to “achieve at least 50% representation and meaningful participation of women in decision-making structures”. This includes, inter alia, all spheres of government, private companies, nonprofit organisations, and even trade unions and political parties.

The European Central Bank’s new headquarters in Frankfurt. Getty Images

Women in the Boardroom Europe Battles over Gender Equality at the ECB Spiegel Online The European Parliament has been holding up the nomination of Yves Mersch to the European Central Bank’s board. The problem? His gender. At present, there isn’t a single woman among the ECB’s 23 governing council members. The issue could come to …

Row over women on ECB board could go to court: source Business Recorder (blog) BRUSSELS: Leading EU lawmakers will discuss taking EU states to court over the absence of female representation at the European Central Bank during a closed door meeting on Tuesday, a European Parliament source said. A rift has grown between the …

UN Report Backs India Push for Quotas Wall Street Journal (India) (blog) Supporters point to quotas introduced two decades ago reserving seats for women at village council level elections, a measure they say has boosted female representation and – as a result – increased the focus of these bodies on issues like sanitation …

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