Gender and Politics in the media

Scottish independence: Women encouraged to vote yes, Labour turns to BBC stars in new fight for rights of older women

Scottish independence: Women encouraged to vote yes BBC News A campaign to encourage women to vote for independence in the forthcoming referendum is being launched. Jeane Freeman, who was a key member of Jack McConnell’s team when he was Labour first minister, is supporting the Women for Independence …

Rachel Reeves: Expectant! Meet the woman who believes her party’s best days … The Independent When Rachel Reeves announced earlier this month she was expecting her first baby, the reaction of many was to congratulate her: at 33, she is the only serving member of any cabinet or shadow cabinet to be pregnant. The second reaction of Westminster’s futurology students was: what does this mean for the Labour leadership? Reeves, who became an MP in 2010, has been pushed forward by Ed Miliband himself as a star of his front bench.

Jo Swinson becomes Platform 51′s Woman of the Week Liberal Democrat Voice Platform 51 say: Jo has also chaired the Liberal Democrats Women’s Policy Working Groupwhich focuses on tackling some of the key areas that Platform 51 works with women and girls. These include money (pay, pensions & benefits), sex (sexual orientation, 

Labour turns to BBC stars in new fight for rights of older women The Independent …But it could pay political dividends. As the baby-boomers approach pension age, the 11.3 million women over 50 represent 24 per cent of the electorate. At the 2010 election, the Conservatives enjoyed a big lead among women aged 55 and over, winning 42 …

Featherstone: Page 3 sexualises our society The Christian Institute Plastering topless pictures on page 3 of the Sun newspaper contributes to the sexualisation of women, Liberal Democrat minister Lynne Featherstone says. The minister said it’s a real problem, even though “a lot of blokes” would claim such an attitude ..

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