Gender and Politics in the media

Cameron, Obama and the ladies, Coalition cuts hit older women hardest

Cameron, Obama and the ladies (blog) Women were key to Obama’s success in 2008, and he is making a concerted effort to woo them again. In a move that must have provided some inspiration for David Cameron, Barak and Michelle appeared on a talkshow called The View last week, which is …

Coalition cuts hit older women hardest The Guardian David Cameron has come under fire for policies that make it harder for women to work and also for behaviour (criticising his rival Ed Miliband for not being “butch” enough or telling a female MP to “calm down dear” among them) that appears to patronise …

Women over 50 hardest hit by austerity measures as their unemployment rises … Daily Mail Older women are being hit hardest by the government’s austerity policies, research carried out by the Labour party claims. Women over 50 make up the greatest proportion of an increase in the number of long-term unemployed since the coalition came to power two and a half years ago, the research found.

Yvette Cooper’s speech to Labour’s National Women’s Conference 2012 Labour Party They would be better off if she gave up work. David Cameron’s priority is to give £40,000 to millionaires in the Cabinet and to take £3,000 from families like Kath’s, who struggle to make ends meet. So much for David Cameron’s attempt to be women-friendly.

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