Gender and Politics in the media

Women at greater risk of voter suppression, Romney Faces Formidable Gender Gap, Limbaugh: ‘Every Woman In This Country Is A Victim

Are Women Voters Stupid? Michelle Malkin Blasts … Are Women Voters Stupid? Michelle Malkin Blasts Obama Campaign Manager for Touting ‘War…

Women at a greater risk of voter suppression … Melissa Harris-Perry and her panelists talk about how women have 

Video: Need to Know 9/28/12 | Watch Need To Know … What issues will determine how the women of Virginia vote? … an analysis of how the …

Women vote driving Obama’s lead in battleground … MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts talks to a political power panel, including 

Obama leading with women in Virginia | For Republicans, she’s a rising star with a solid draw. And for Mitt Romney, Nikki Haley may be 

Campaign 2012 as seen by 2 women CBS News With just over five weeks until the election, Mitt Romney is working hard to improve his trailing poll numbers among female voters by focusing on their economic concerns. We profile two women with very different takes on the…

White House 2012: Women voters push swing states towards Obama eGov monitor …This is in part because of the key constituency of women where President Obama has opened up a lead of about 18 points on average in national polls. In some states such as Michigan the gender gap is as wide as 20 points in favour of the President.

Romney Faces a Formidable Gender Gap National Journal He might have picked up some pointers at Saturday’s all-women town hall meeting in downtown Cincinnati, where a diverse group of about 125 voters gathered to discuss the poll and their attitudes toward the economy, healthcare, the national debt and…

GOP female politicians more feminine faces? In what researchers dub the “Michele Bachmann effect,” the more conservative voting record of U.S. female politicians, the more feminine facial features. Lead author Colleen M. Carpinella, a graduate student, and senior author Kerri Johnson ..

2012 Gender Gap Could Be Historic, But Not Necessarily For The Reason You’d Think NPR (blog) A slew of new presidential polls released this week not only confirm a long-established gender gap among voters, but also suggest that the male-female preference divide in this year’s presidential contest could hit historic levels. It may surprise that …

What’s important to women voters? WBTV CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Carly Fiorina, crowned the most powerful woman in corporate America by Fortune Magazine, was in Huntersville today campaigning for Mitt Romney. “When people want to pigeon-hole women voters as a special interest group, …

The GOP’s Female Trouble Wall Street Journal Decades of an aversion to “gender politics” has, by contrast, left the GOP with the antiquated view that it shouldn’t address women directly on issues that matter specifically to them. The Romney campaign’s idea of engaging female voters is to deputize …

The Power of Single Women Voters About – News & Issues Although Jaye has tried to vote in previous elections, as a college student attending school in another state she faces the same problem that keeps many constantly-relocating unmarried women from voting — they haven’t registered in their new location.

Ann Romney rallies women voters in Reno Las Vegas Sun She also serves as the campaign’s ambassador to female voters, a voting bloc Republicans have had some difficulty winning over this election cycle. Polls show President Barack Obama leads among women in Nevada by as much as nine points.

Somerville women legislators weigh in on gender disparity in politics Wicked Local Somerville has two longtime legislators both of who are women and have been successful in local and statewide elections. State senator for seven years, Pat Jehlen does not believe she has been discriminated against for being a woman at any election 

RUSH LIMBAUGH: ‘Every Woman In This Country Is A Victim’ Business Insider “Every woman in this country is a victim,” he continued. “Of what? The Catholic Church, male oppression, you name it. Liberals thrive on it. Every immigrant to this country is a victim! There isn’t a non-conservative individual in this country, according to Democrats, who is not a victim of the basics of this country. They’re a victim of the way this country was founded. This country’s unfair, unjust in the way it was founded. That’s the way they’re oriented.”

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