Gender and Politics in the media

Despite being fewer in number, women researchers in India as prolific in publishing scientific papers as men


Women researchers as prolific as men in publishing papers Livemint New Delhi: Women researchers in India are as prolific in publishing scientific papers as men in spite of being significantly fewer in number, says a study in Tuesday’s edition of Current Science. While it’s established that many women drop out at progressive stages of their careers as scientists, the study in the peer-reviewed journal quantitatively establishes that—as a proportion of their representation in India’s population of scientists—women may not only be at par but better than their male counterparts.

Gender gap exists in sciences The Daily Tar Heel A recent study by Yale University deepens concerns of the academic community — including UNC-CH professors — that gender inequality remains a problem in science fields. The study html, released last week, emphasized the need to address …

Small Steps Toward Scientific Gender Equity Pacific Standard Right now I’m at the Third International Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World, and a factoid that arose in the first day’s opening remarks offers some small hope for greater gender equality (at least in science).

Why women talk less when they’re in groups Toronto Star Meetings are a ubiquitous part of modern life and politics, said Mendelberg. And women are less likely to see themselves and be seen by others as influential or have their voice heard. “Just sitting in a room is not enough for women who are socialized …

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