Gender and Politics in the media

Women issues overlooked due to low political presence, analysts say

Jordanian Women to Boycott Elections Ammon News AMMONNEWS – The Jordanian Women’s Nexus (RMA) announced on Sunday that it will boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections slated to be held before the end of the year.

A make or break election for Israeli women? Jerusalem Post Civil society issues such as the situation of women need to be at the forefront of the next electionand cannot be sidetracked by the security concerns that have been and probably will be a major issue for generations to come.

Women voters: Courted, yes; respected, no? — Dahlia Martin The Malaysian Insider Women are a focal point in Malaysian politics today, with some recent discussion of their ability as voters to decide election outcomes. But this has not translated into their increased representation at a political level…

Women’s Situation Room launch Awoko The Women’s Situation Room (WSR) in Sierra Leone with the aim of a peaceful and violence- free November 17 elections was officially launched over the weekend by the First Lady,Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma. While launching the Room, Madam Koroma said …

Women will upset men in 2013 polls – Winnie Maru The Star Women will be leading the battle for votes in the March 2013 general election. The Forum for YoungWomen in Politics Foundation programme manager Winnie Maru says despite lack of empowerment, women will give men a run for their money.

Arab Spring reforms still leaving women out in the cold USA TODAY In Egypt, women have been sidelined from power since only men were appointed to draft an interim constitution after the military council took control last year. The 64-seat quota for women’s representation in parliament was abolished, and activists say …

Women issues overlooked due to low political presence, analysts say The Malaysian Insider Faisal Hazis, a political scientist from Unimas, said that “Malaysia is still grappling with the 30 per cent women representation at the decision-making level” where women are generally “under-represented”.

Quotas only way to ‘shatter the glass ceiling’ for women EurActiv “Quotas do work and they’re one way of raising women’s representation and do tend to break the mould for future generations. But quotas tend to be unpopular and some people think ‘she’s only got there because she’s a woman’. There are much better ways…

Some progress, but not enough The Southern Times In its April 2012 policy brief on women in politics, Gender Links noted that only two countries, The Seychelles and South Africa fall into the top 10 countries globally in terms of women’s representation in parliament.

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